Monday, 30 November 2009

Saturday Fright Night..

I thought Halloween was last month?!

So after work on Saturday, I trudge through the drunkards with an umbrella and clenched teeth in a wet and windy Cardiff to meet up with some gal pals. I make it to Walkabout, slip through the ciggie entrance without paying and I see something horrible, truly awful, retina burning....

A girl in a full body black lace cat suit... she is wearing a bra and boy pants and thats it.... ok, you might say, but she looked hot right?! Nu-uh... this girl was a little too rotund to be wearing such a daring outfit, and her thighs seemed to hold some hypnotic power over me. I couldn't stop staring as they seemed to suddenly devour the streets of Cardiff and her belly cast a shadow over her shoes.

Lady GaGa, as much as I love her, has A LOT to answer for.. we expect such outfits from the electro pop Queen (see above) and she's tiny!!!! Probably a size 8.... this lady looked an ill-advised tribute act.

Clearly she was deluded, she must have thought she looked HOT and in what lifetime did she think she could get away with such an outfit in Cardiff in all places?! It might, just might wash in London or LA... or a porn convention...

So please ladies, think about your outfit before you step out of the door.. you ARE NOT Lady GaGa, Madonna or even Britney.. whatever next? Fake blood and veils?!

Love, SGS xoxo

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