Thursday, 19 November 2009

Punch & Judy in our living rooms..

How did Katie Price go from Hero to Villain?

Last night I found myself head back, cackling at Katie Price being publicly nominated for her 4th challenge in a row on 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2009' and today I'm wondering- what is wrong with me?! Why I am so pleased at seeing somebody else suffer? What has she done to me? I think it's worth looking at the evidence...

In 2003 busty, beauty Jordan entered the Austrailian jungle in 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here', with more or less public backing. The media chastised her for going out clubbing whilst carrying her first child fathered by Dwight Yorke, and then she gained sympathy and backlash in equal measures when son, Harvey was born blind and with growth complications.

Also in the jungle was tanned, six packed 'singer' Peter Andre of 'Mysterious Girl' one- hit wonder fame, and it was love at first tangerined skinned sight and a PR's dream. The nation collectively 'oohed' and 'ahhed' as love blossomed in the Austrailian outback and we decided we quite liked Jordan after all.

Pete checks out Jordan's assets!

So the couple get married in a wedding that would make Barbie jealous, and we see Jordan's alter ego emerge- Katie Price, who is an entrepeneur, family woman and it looks to us, the humble public, that Barbie and Ken are made for each other. We lap up photo shoots, reality shows, tv appearances, fragrances and even badly mimed charity singles with vigour and glee.

So how did it all go wrong?

Well, in a he said/she said tirade, Peter leaves Katie and they have a quickie divorce months later. 'Jordan' returns, sleazy and cheaper than a tin of Lidl beans, gallavanting in Ibiza with a Cage Fighter in ridiculous outfits while Pete is photographed holding the kids. Jordan begins mouthing off about everything, she is in the paper everyday- giving an exclusive, details of a miscarriage she suffered, intimate details of her and Peter's life. While Peter remains calm and silent, the whole nation divided into Team Andre or Team Price, and it looks the latter is struggling for support.

Katie enters the Jungle for an estimated sum of £450,000 and the nation gets a chance to punish her, punish her behaviour and show her what we think.. yet can we really believe everything we read in the paper?! Yes, it's true, she gets many column inches but thats only because we are still interested, we still want to know where, what, why and who. Who gave us the power to sentence her? You could argue that she did, she lives her life through the media and we deserve the opportunity to exact revenge by making her 4 trials in a row and see her have near panic attacks and cry, but when does it all become too much?!

You decide...

Love, SGS xoxo

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