Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Guilty Pleasures: Cheryl Cole

Possibly shouldn't like her, but I do!

Cheryl gets her mojo back and dumps King rat Ashley

I recently wrote on the blog my opinions about John Terry and the roles of celebrities as heroes and villains and I can safely say in my eyes Chezza is a hero.

Cheryl Tweed as she was first known, shot to fame on Pop Stars The Rivals when she beat off thousands of girls to win a place in girlband Girls Aloud. Even though she was from Southshields and dressed in clothes from B-Wise, her beauty was undeniable. Girls Aloud became massively popular with their blend of catchy pop songs and good looks - minus the pale ginger one.

Cheryl got into trouble for having a brawl with a toilet attendant in a club, apparently lamping her after stealing a lollypop and not paying for it. She was seen sporting a beige suit, bad hair and a regretful face entering and leaving the courts. When her stocks were down, the only way was up and in 2004 she met Ashley Cole, a gormless looking Premiership footballer who to me looked like he was being operated by someone else.

Their romance lasted and Chezza became Mrs Cole in a lavish, celebrity filled wedding where Michelle Heaton, Lisa Scott Lee and other 'celebs' celebrated the joyous union. Cheryl's stocks went through the roof, she was now a WAG with a successful pop career, friend of and pictured with Victoria Beckham and veneers, hair extensions and shedding a stone smoothed out the rough diamond.

What went wrong?

In 2008 a story is sold on Ashley claiming he slept with a hairdresser after a night out, who could only be described as a minger. Uh oh.... Cheryl lands Sharon Osbourne's judge spot on The X factor, and the public immediately back her. After a show of defiance, like jetting off to LA, having a girly holiday and not wearing her wedding ring, the sudden nations sweetheart gave po faced Ashley another chance.

Cheryl completely wins over the nation, is loved on X Factor and her act wins, she begins plans to release her first solo single and album, wins X Factor for a second time, gets a Number 1 single, shakes her shiny tresses about for a deal with L'Oreal and everything seems hunky dory... dun,dun,dun... more stories of infidelity, this time as Ashley sends nude pictures of himself and sex texts to a string of girls, and others come forward to claim they've had a go on little Ashley.

A sullen, yet still beautiful Cheryl releases a statement after a trip to LA to confirm the two will seperate... she's had enough.. and rightly so.

Nuff love

1. Cheryl is an example of being a young successful woman in the music industry, she has come from humble beginnings and forged a career for herself.
2. She has made good career decisions, X Factor has catapulted her into the A List league and shown her emotional side, working with music producers such as Will.I.Am has given her a fantastic pop platform for her solo career. After the first scandal Cheryl kept a dignified silence and the public loved her even more.
3. Unlike Toni Terry, who probably needs a labotamy, Cheryl has decided not to put up with anymore crap from her cheating husband... she can stand on her own two feet.

No hate this week, the poor dab is going through enough.

So, my congratulations to Cheryl for ditching the wooden, cheating husband and I'm very sure she will be absolutely fine without him.

Love, SGS xoxo

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tune for a Tuesday

This week I'm love-love-loving...

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed

She's gorgeous, mega talented, has a beautiful voice and enjoys running.. I adore Ellie Goulding. I loved 'Under the Sheets', but possibly prefer this second single from Album 'Lights' due out on March 1st. Fresh from winning her Brit Award, Ellie performed an acoustic version of this track on Radio 1's Live Lounge, where Fearne Cotton duly kissed her ass. Rightly so Fearne, this lady is talented.. you're simply lucky, very lucky.

Love, SGS xoxo

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Possibly shouldn't like it, but I do...

8 Mile

Caught about half of 8 Mile on the TV the other night, and although I have seen it maybe 5 times already I love it. There we are, I've said it... I heart it. I especially love the battle scene at the end, and have been known to rewind that a couple of times. So ok, there are obvious script flaws, bad acting in some scenes, Britany Murphy looks like a crack whore, the sex scene between her and Eminem is a tad awkward and Meikeh Phifer has awful faux dreadlocks but on the whole I like it.

On the down low......

Eminem plays Jimmy or B-Rabbit a struggling wannabe rapper with a crap job, no car who goes to live with his Mother (a bedraggled yet somehow still classy Kim Basinger)in her trailer. The Freeworld are a host of bad ass rappers who rule the freestyle rap battles at the club where Future hosts. When B- Rabbit first battles the Freeworld he chokes and things look grim, he then meets Alex played by Murphy who is an aspiring model (looks more like an advert for the effects of heroin) and life picks up. Sadly Alex isn't faithful, he gets jumped, his stupid friend Cheddar Bob shoots himself and the promise of an introduction to rap producers is a lie. With little to cheer about he heads to the club where the battle against the Freeworld commences, he smashes Lickety Split, pulverises Lotto Lyrics and blows Papa Doc (Head of the Freeworld)out of the water.. BOOM!

Love, SGS xoxo

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tunes for a Tuesday

Me likey....

Lady GaGa feat. Beyonce - Telephone

These two lovely ladies recently collaborated on B's 'Videophone' with a smoking GaGa appearance, and Beyonce has returned the favour (in what appears to be a phone themed collaboration) on 'Telephone' from The Fame Monster. I am massively looking forward to seeing the video and these two ladies seem to be unstoppable at the moment, whereas as the Videophone was sexy, I am expecting the usual fusion of sexy, weird and smoking corpses from the GaGa.

Ke$ha - Blah, Blah, Blah

So Ke$ha may look likes she needs a good wash and a haircut but she continues to make very catchy electro, synth, pop tunes. If you liked her first single 'Tik-Tok' then this is for you, expect more *naughty lyrics, mentions of Jack Daniels and voice distortions a-plenty. What I would say is that I saw Ke$ha perform live on a T4 new music show and she was pretty rubbish, so I would invest in the album and not the concert. (*she calls her man a 'little bitch')

Lots of love, SGS xoxo.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Youth In Revolt- what's the baddest thing you've done?

Is it good to ever be bad?

I saw Youth In Revolt last night with TB and mostly enjoyed it. In a nutshell, Michael Cera plays himself shy, awkward, smart and dry humoured in a dysfunctional family who meets a kindred spirit with in a girl with very religious parents and a penchant for al things French. She likes him but he realises he needs to step up and become Francois, the fictional French husband she craves with a bad side in order to truly win her affections and beat his rival.

So Francois leads MC in a quest of revolt, mainly against his parents and wrecks their cars, starts a massive fire, sneaks into his girlfriends boarding school and gets her expelled by having a school mate slip sleeping tablets in her morning coffee.

Of course this is a film so incidents are dramatised and somehow diluted down into, ahh it's not that bad is it? Yet we've all done bad things in our lifetime, maybe cheated, stole, lied or even lit a fire or two. Surely not a bad thing right?!

I have always considered myself to be a good kid, never giving my parents too much grief and last night got me thinking about some of my worst behaviour.
I once was so angry with my mother, I destroyed her beaded necklace shed bought by biting through the cord 6/10 Pretty bad.
I persuaded my friend to put her goldfish in the sink and flat out lied to her mother that it was wasn't my idea, she cried :( 7/10
I got my friend really drunk and told her mother she had done it herself, and told mine that it was her idea 8/10

Hardly hardcore is it? No police chasing or pyrotechnics, but suggests I am no saint. Sometimes it is good to be bad, just a little bad. Not paying for a train ticket once in a while, getting £5 out of your mothers purse or even staying out all night.

Have a go, be bad ;)

Love, SGS xoxo

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tunes for a Tuesday

This week I'm digging....

Wiley feat. Emeli Sande - Never be your woman

Wiley is cool - FACT, he is named after one of the Thundercats.. awesome!! Wiley or Mr Grime/ King Grime has been on the underground scene for years and moved into the mainstream scene in 2008 with his chart friendly single 'Wearing my Rolex'. This single takes the hook from White Towns 'Your Woman' and gives it a kick up the backside, with smart beats and lets face a bit of grime, Cheers Wiley!

Gramophonedzie - Why don't you

In 1943 American jazz singer and proper dame Peggy Lee recorded 'Why Don't You Do Right?' and in 2009 Serbian Producer Gramphoneszie gave it a swing house makeover and aint it grand? Love it! Not heard something like this since Audiobullys tanked up Nancy Sinatra 'My baby shot me down' with a bit of drum n bass flavour. Loving it!

Band of Skulls - I know what I am

Band of Skulls are a Southampton band unbeknowns to me until now, infact I have heard them before I didn't realise they are featured on the New Moon Soundtrack. I never look at the back so didn't realise they had recorded 'Friends' and what a track that is. This track is just as good, and I definately want to hear more!

Love, SGS xoxo

Monday, 8 February 2010

Heroes and Villains.. is there a fine line?

From England Captain to Captain Controversy

If you have you been in a coma in the last two weeks, then you could be excused from not knowing even the slightest detail about John Terry's blunder that has ultimately cost him his England captaincy.

So John Terry, a footballer, notably England and Chelsea Captain cheats on his wife with a French lingerie model... hardly shocking is it? So why then, have the media lept on the story?! For the past two weeks we have been inundated with reports on Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and 10 o clock news bulletins. Radio news bulletins have kept us upto date with the story, as has the internet and of course the newspapers.

What makes this story so newsworthy? The lingerie model in question is a former team mate of Terry's partner who he has a child with, and a team mate in the England squad. Finally, we get to the crutch.. scandal. An affair might've had a weeks solid coverage, but add a dash of scandal and we a get a non stop barrage of media reporting.

So apparently on TalkSport (according to TB) they were asking the question whether Terry was a role model? Some argued that he was not seen as a role model, which IMO is tosh. Of course he is, his behaviour on and off the pitch is thrust into the spotlight by the media. Kids will see Terry as a hero, possibly copy his hair, buy his endorsed products, why wouldn't they view his behaviour as another copyable trait? Yes, I can have a former model wife, live in a big house, drive a convertible, drink too much, gamgle thousands of pounds and sleep with models and the best part is.. I can get away with it!

So I'm glad that England Manager Fabio Capello has correctly punished his behaviour, an affair is never nice and to think he may have alienated team mates in the dressing room amid the start of the World Cup campaign is simply seen in Capello's eyes as inexcusable.

Haven't we since this before though?

David Beckham's infamous kick to an Argentian player during a World Cup game made him a hate figure around the country, effergies were burnt, posters ripped up and death threats made. The media again lept on the story and yet he was forgiven and a penalty kick righted all the wrongs.

I'm pretty sure this will have a positive outcome for Terry, he will be liked again and seen as a hero. This story will never leave him, yet won't damage him completely.

Perhaps the fine line of Villain to Hero can be crossed over again.

Love, SGS xoxo.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Fashion Fix Friday

Bang on trend... Celebs designing for labels!

We've seen how successful celebrity collaborations with designers and fashion labels can be, think Kate Moss for Topshop, Madonna for H&M, Giles Deacon for New Look, Victoria Beckham with Rock and Republic denim and most recently Pearl Lowe for Peacocks (I have the red lace dress.. delightful). So striking while the iron is hot is annoyingly chirpy, cheeky, fun and pretty Pop Princess, Pixie Lott.

The trendy pop starlet has hooked her creative claws into Lipsy, a brand formally known for only operating online and delivering carbon copy dresses of the Celebs from red carpets and award shows. Since those early days the brand has grown from strength to strength, onto the high street and worn by a host of eager celebs from that blonde, lesbian looking one to the cast of Hollyoaks!

According to the Lipsy Blog

We've got a huge style crush on Pixie Lott, so are bursting with excitement that the Brit-nominated pop princess is to create two exclusive ranges for Lipsy!

The style icon will co-design a summer range and a winter collection, with several Pixiefied pieces in each.

The summer range will consist of two distinct looks: 'Pixie Festival' and 'Pixie Party', and will launch summer 2010- not long to go!

'Pixie Festival' combines soft vintage-style cotton dresses, bleached denim and fringed waistcoats with slouchy print vests and draped jersey maxi-dresses, while 'Pixie Party' is all in the detailing with oversized animal prints, embellished chiffon dresses and sexy studded vest dresses...We can't wait!!

I am actually excited to see what she comes up with, who knows how much input she actually she had in the pieces but Lipsy can start counting the pounds now.. where Pixie goes, cloned blonde size 8 barbie-trons are soon to follow!

Love, SGS xoxo

Thank Crunchie it's Friday!

As a part time worker, I'm not sure why I am thanking Crunchie it's Friday... I've had 3 days off this week (feel free to pelt with soft objects) so instead for my friends, family and TB who work full time... Thanks Crunchie!!

It's not that I don't want to work full time, I most certainly do! What I have been trying tirelessly to do over the past year is to find a new full time job but I feel Lady Luck has taken offence at something I've done and has gone on a staycation.. the cow.

So I'm hoping that Friday signifies the near ending of a week where I can put disappointment behind me, enjoy breakfast with TB tomorrow and look forward to a new week with new prospects. Lady Luck, if you are reading this.. Whatever I've done, I'm sorry but just a little bit of yor magic dust would be appreciated right now.

Love, SGS xoxo

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

4 Days of catch up!!

So yes I've been bad again!! But I'm righting my wrongs with this posting.... Or so I hope!

Tangerine dream

So Mr and Mrs Tropicana (Alex Reid and Katie Price) got married yesterday in a tacky Las Vegas ceremony purely as their publicist said "out of love". My bullshit-ometer is off the chart at this statement, tv cameras were there to catch the 'special' moment and I don't belive for a second that no pictures were taken, I bet Hello were involved from the start ready to snap away and a disgusting 10 page spread to ensue.

The kids and family weren't there, so once again Katie has put herself first. This marraige is once again a money spinner for the tarnished barbie and no doubt Alex being crowned winner of Celeb BB was the catalyst in this sudden love and marraige stunt, she pratically ran a mile when he went to Oz to propose... He wasn't popular then!! Good luck to the sham marriage at least the two brain cells now have found company!

Tunes for a Tuesday.. err Thursday

Hot Chip - One Life Stand

So Hot Chip may look like the group of boys you mocked in school because they were slightly unusual, but man do they produce good music. The British electro pop outfit are Grammy nominated and it's not hard to see why, slick production and a knack of delivering catchy beats make their music irresistible. One Life Stand comes off the new album of the same name and surely deserves a click of the buy button!

Jedward - Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)

So yes, they can't dance in time, sing that well and look like the spawn of some Transylvanian monster (Genetics FAIL) but this song is sort of catchy. When I first saw them on X Factor.. I despised them, really hated them but over time I have come to sort of appreciate their entertainment factor. So bad... it's sort of good. Anyone who can rouse wigga, Vanilla Ice from his 'who gives a XXXX cage' is ok with me. So I'm not saying this is good, I'm just saying it interests me.. sort of.

Guilty Pleasure

This weeks, I shouldn't like it but I do...

Peanut Butter

This image conjures many a wrong thought, and many people do not like peanut butter or think it's for babies (like that one) or young people! Well I can tell you.. peanut butter is a staple part of my diet!
Feeling down? Peanut butter on hot buttery toast.
Hungry before your next meal? Get a finger in the jar
Stuck for a cake filling? PB is your man or lady.

What is surprising about PB is that it's name is not literal.. it's not actually Peanut + Butter = Peanut butter it's peanuts plus peanut oil. Whatever it is, it's lovely!

Nuff Love

1.Peanuts.. lush
2.It's gloopy and spreadable
3.Livens up toast, cakes and crackers

Nuff Hate

No negatives...

Love, SGS xoxo