Wednesday, 3 February 2010

4 Days of catch up!!

So yes I've been bad again!! But I'm righting my wrongs with this posting.... Or so I hope!

Tangerine dream

So Mr and Mrs Tropicana (Alex Reid and Katie Price) got married yesterday in a tacky Las Vegas ceremony purely as their publicist said "out of love". My bullshit-ometer is off the chart at this statement, tv cameras were there to catch the 'special' moment and I don't belive for a second that no pictures were taken, I bet Hello were involved from the start ready to snap away and a disgusting 10 page spread to ensue.

The kids and family weren't there, so once again Katie has put herself first. This marraige is once again a money spinner for the tarnished barbie and no doubt Alex being crowned winner of Celeb BB was the catalyst in this sudden love and marraige stunt, she pratically ran a mile when he went to Oz to propose... He wasn't popular then!! Good luck to the sham marriage at least the two brain cells now have found company!

Tunes for a Tuesday.. err Thursday

Hot Chip - One Life Stand

So Hot Chip may look like the group of boys you mocked in school because they were slightly unusual, but man do they produce good music. The British electro pop outfit are Grammy nominated and it's not hard to see why, slick production and a knack of delivering catchy beats make their music irresistible. One Life Stand comes off the new album of the same name and surely deserves a click of the buy button!

Jedward - Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)

So yes, they can't dance in time, sing that well and look like the spawn of some Transylvanian monster (Genetics FAIL) but this song is sort of catchy. When I first saw them on X Factor.. I despised them, really hated them but over time I have come to sort of appreciate their entertainment factor. So bad... it's sort of good. Anyone who can rouse wigga, Vanilla Ice from his 'who gives a XXXX cage' is ok with me. So I'm not saying this is good, I'm just saying it interests me.. sort of.

Guilty Pleasure

This weeks, I shouldn't like it but I do...

Peanut Butter

This image conjures many a wrong thought, and many people do not like peanut butter or think it's for babies (like that one) or young people! Well I can tell you.. peanut butter is a staple part of my diet!
Feeling down? Peanut butter on hot buttery toast.
Hungry before your next meal? Get a finger in the jar
Stuck for a cake filling? PB is your man or lady.

What is surprising about PB is that it's name is not literal.. it's not actually Peanut + Butter = Peanut butter it's peanuts plus peanut oil. Whatever it is, it's lovely!

Nuff Love

1.Peanuts.. lush
2.It's gloopy and spreadable
3.Livens up toast, cakes and crackers

Nuff Hate

No negatives...

Love, SGS xoxo

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