Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Guilty Pleasures: Cheryl Cole

Possibly shouldn't like her, but I do!

Cheryl gets her mojo back and dumps King rat Ashley

I recently wrote on the blog my opinions about John Terry and the roles of celebrities as heroes and villains and I can safely say in my eyes Chezza is a hero.

Cheryl Tweed as she was first known, shot to fame on Pop Stars The Rivals when she beat off thousands of girls to win a place in girlband Girls Aloud. Even though she was from Southshields and dressed in clothes from B-Wise, her beauty was undeniable. Girls Aloud became massively popular with their blend of catchy pop songs and good looks - minus the pale ginger one.

Cheryl got into trouble for having a brawl with a toilet attendant in a club, apparently lamping her after stealing a lollypop and not paying for it. She was seen sporting a beige suit, bad hair and a regretful face entering and leaving the courts. When her stocks were down, the only way was up and in 2004 she met Ashley Cole, a gormless looking Premiership footballer who to me looked like he was being operated by someone else.

Their romance lasted and Chezza became Mrs Cole in a lavish, celebrity filled wedding where Michelle Heaton, Lisa Scott Lee and other 'celebs' celebrated the joyous union. Cheryl's stocks went through the roof, she was now a WAG with a successful pop career, friend of and pictured with Victoria Beckham and veneers, hair extensions and shedding a stone smoothed out the rough diamond.

What went wrong?

In 2008 a story is sold on Ashley claiming he slept with a hairdresser after a night out, who could only be described as a minger. Uh oh.... Cheryl lands Sharon Osbourne's judge spot on The X factor, and the public immediately back her. After a show of defiance, like jetting off to LA, having a girly holiday and not wearing her wedding ring, the sudden nations sweetheart gave po faced Ashley another chance.

Cheryl completely wins over the nation, is loved on X Factor and her act wins, she begins plans to release her first solo single and album, wins X Factor for a second time, gets a Number 1 single, shakes her shiny tresses about for a deal with L'Oreal and everything seems hunky dory... dun,dun,dun... more stories of infidelity, this time as Ashley sends nude pictures of himself and sex texts to a string of girls, and others come forward to claim they've had a go on little Ashley.

A sullen, yet still beautiful Cheryl releases a statement after a trip to LA to confirm the two will seperate... she's had enough.. and rightly so.

Nuff love

1. Cheryl is an example of being a young successful woman in the music industry, she has come from humble beginnings and forged a career for herself.
2. She has made good career decisions, X Factor has catapulted her into the A List league and shown her emotional side, working with music producers such as Will.I.Am has given her a fantastic pop platform for her solo career. After the first scandal Cheryl kept a dignified silence and the public loved her even more.
3. Unlike Toni Terry, who probably needs a labotamy, Cheryl has decided not to put up with anymore crap from her cheating husband... she can stand on her own two feet.

No hate this week, the poor dab is going through enough.

So, my congratulations to Cheryl for ditching the wooden, cheating husband and I'm very sure she will be absolutely fine without him.

Love, SGS xoxo

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