Thursday, 18 February 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Possibly shouldn't like it, but I do...

8 Mile

Caught about half of 8 Mile on the TV the other night, and although I have seen it maybe 5 times already I love it. There we are, I've said it... I heart it. I especially love the battle scene at the end, and have been known to rewind that a couple of times. So ok, there are obvious script flaws, bad acting in some scenes, Britany Murphy looks like a crack whore, the sex scene between her and Eminem is a tad awkward and Meikeh Phifer has awful faux dreadlocks but on the whole I like it.

On the down low......

Eminem plays Jimmy or B-Rabbit a struggling wannabe rapper with a crap job, no car who goes to live with his Mother (a bedraggled yet somehow still classy Kim Basinger)in her trailer. The Freeworld are a host of bad ass rappers who rule the freestyle rap battles at the club where Future hosts. When B- Rabbit first battles the Freeworld he chokes and things look grim, he then meets Alex played by Murphy who is an aspiring model (looks more like an advert for the effects of heroin) and life picks up. Sadly Alex isn't faithful, he gets jumped, his stupid friend Cheddar Bob shoots himself and the promise of an introduction to rap producers is a lie. With little to cheer about he heads to the club where the battle against the Freeworld commences, he smashes Lickety Split, pulverises Lotto Lyrics and blows Papa Doc (Head of the Freeworld)out of the water.. BOOM!

Love, SGS xoxo

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