Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tunes for a Tuesday

Me likey....

Lady GaGa feat. Beyonce - Telephone

These two lovely ladies recently collaborated on B's 'Videophone' with a smoking GaGa appearance, and Beyonce has returned the favour (in what appears to be a phone themed collaboration) on 'Telephone' from The Fame Monster. I am massively looking forward to seeing the video and these two ladies seem to be unstoppable at the moment, whereas as the Videophone was sexy, I am expecting the usual fusion of sexy, weird and smoking corpses from the GaGa.

Ke$ha - Blah, Blah, Blah

So Ke$ha may look likes she needs a good wash and a haircut but she continues to make very catchy electro, synth, pop tunes. If you liked her first single 'Tik-Tok' then this is for you, expect more *naughty lyrics, mentions of Jack Daniels and voice distortions a-plenty. What I would say is that I saw Ke$ha perform live on a T4 new music show and she was pretty rubbish, so I would invest in the album and not the concert. (*she calls her man a 'little bitch')

Lots of love, SGS xoxo.

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