Sunday, 24 October 2010

Forgive me Blog Father...

It's been 23 days since my last post.

So it's been 23 days or 552 hours since my last blog post... pretty disgraceful huh?!

I wish I had a legitimate reason for why it's been so long, but all I can say is that I've been pretty much working my ass off and have not wanted to go near a computer after my days of staring at a screen. I find blogging a chance to vent my feelings and give anyone who cares to read it a chance to see what I like and what makes me tick. I've felt plenty of emotions in the last 23 days, yet not really had the time to type them up.

Please enjoy the following emotion examples:


  • I have completed a work project that was draining me of enthusiasm and happiness - Joy! 
  • I am no longer blonde and have changed to a light brown with blonde highlights for autumn.winter and my inner Lily Savage is furious
  • Despite the shite, TB (The Boy) remains a constant source of support and happiness
  • I have seen some great films - Worlds Greatest Dad and The Town
  • I mourn the loss of my good friend who passed away six years ago in October, the loss of him from my life still makes me very sad.
  • I have two terrible neighbours that live in the flat below, I have affectionately called them Mr and Mrs Shithead. They are the epitome of pikey lovers, they argue constantly during the hours of 12pm and 8am, they have a dog that barks, they play terrible music at unsociable hours (I now HATE Madness), smash windows and property and have no regard for anyone other than themselves. If they didn't make me increasingly angry and slightly depressed on a daily basis then I could maybe develop a screenplay about them, it would probably resemble Shameless, Cardiff style innit butt.
  • Willow Smith (mentioned in the previous blog post) is a frickin' genius and she's 9 years old... I adore her.

  • I have been freelancing for a while doing Events and Communications for a company in Cardiff which culminated in a conference last week. I think I made a good impression and something may come of it, for the first time in a long time I feel hopeful for my future career.

So there we have it, I will now endeavour to get this blog back on track...

Love always, SGS xoxo.

Friday, 1 October 2010

5 'kids' that are cooler than I will ever be

I have noticed more recently than usual there are influx of tiny people that are just, well, cool. I don't just mean famous people I mean girls who wander around towns on a Saturday linked arm-in-arm with £5 in their pocket and a determination to catch the local lads attention.

I once saw a girl she must've only been 15 in a leather jacket I had drooled over in All Saints only a few hours earlier and some boots from Topshop that I had decided were impracticle and too expensive to purchase. £325 for the jacket and £95 for the boots, not to mention the fact she had long hair that flips (bit like Barbie's pony) and that expression that screams 'VAGUELY AMUSED AND CONSIDERABLY RICHER THAN YOU'.

It's the attitude of the younger folk that astounds me, they are so confident and self assured. I was a nervous wreck at that age with a beyond bad haircut that made me look like a crazy cat lady, adidas tracksuit and a face full of spots.

Time has moved on thank god, and although I don't march around town with a catwalk demeanour I am more confident in my appearance and myself but there are some kids which I will never be cooler than....

1. Willow Smith

Willow is the 9 year old daughter of super famous, talented and beautiful couple Will and Jada Pinket-Smith. It was genetically predisposed that Willow would be a cool kid, but at 9?! Willow is already a bit of a fashion icon, check out her animal hareem pants and jacket teamed with biker boots - BANG on trend. On Monday, Willow and Jada sat front row at the Emporio Armani fashion show in Milan. Not content with being a fashionista at 9, Willow is also pursuing a music career under Jay Z's label and her first single 'Whip My Hair' will be released soon.

2. Lourdes Leon

Lourdes, who only really needs to be known by one name much like her Mum, Madonna is thirteen and already VERY cool.

The two have collabed on a fashion line for Macy's called Material Girl. The style is reminiscent of 1980's Madonna and includes clothes, shoes, jewellry and handbags. Prices are generally below $40 and the fashions are aimed at the teen market.
Lourdes or Lola, has also launched a fashion blog for the upcoming line and has already written "And the 80’s are another huge obsession of mine, which is totally amazingly awesome because Material Girl…HELLO! It’s like 80’s themed, which pretty much rocks, so yeah." TOTALLY RAD.
3. Taylor Momsen

Lourdes leads me on to my next 'cool kid'. Taylor Momsen or better known for her role as Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl (xoxo). 17 year old Taylor has shunned her Barbie blonde image and now taken on her rock chick persona as she fronts rock-pop band The Pretty Reckless.

Taylor now has a penchant for black panda eyes, lingerie, stocking and hooker shoes with dollar bills in - her mum must be proud, but let's face it - she's pretty cool.

4. Suri Cruise

Suri is the daughter of multi millionaire Hollywood heavyweights Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and this little girl has it made. Although I don't envy having to be brought up under Scientology rules or with a Dad that jumped on Oprah's couch, I do envy the lifestyle of this cutie!
Suri had a bob age 2 that suddenly became as famous as the Posh Spice 'Pob' that caused media hysteria and made me jealous.

Doesn't Suri look quite the little lady on a trip out and about? flawless fashionista with kitten heels at the age of 3. Don't let looks decieve you, apparently Suri is a big fan of  car racing and discovered it on television. So what did Tom and Katie do? They bought her a custom-made $30,000 miniature replica of an Indy race car, of course. What would my parent's have got me? a cardboard box with felt tipped wheels and interior.....

5. Justin Bieber

I ain't got Bieber fever, I cannot begin to describe how annoying I find Justin Bieber, but yes, sadly, he's cooler than me. Justin is Canadian, 16 years old and one of the best known faces on the planet but does have ridiculous hair.

Bieber was first discovered in 2008 on YouTube by Scooter Braun who happens to be partners with RnB star Usher, after meeting with them he was offered a recording contract with Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG). Not before being in a bidding war with Justin Timberlake's label... oh the stress, poor lad.

Since then he has gone onto sell millions of records (going Platinum in the States), create literally an army of teenage girl fans, have a bromance with Usher, flirty pictures with Kim Kardashian and regularly be a trending topic on Twitter... C.O.O.L.

Love, SGS xoxo