Friday, 30 April 2010

Fashion Fix Friday

Pixie Lott's Fashion Line with Lipsy is launched

Pop Fairy, Pixie Lott has finally launched her range of fashion wear with high street chain Lipsy. I recently did a review of a sneak peak of the line and was left a little meh.... but I'm actually quite impressed by the line and I have picked a few of my favourite pieces.

The collection has two themes, Pixie Party and Pixie Festival. Here are some of the pieces I love!!!

Oversized Animal Print strapless dress - £55

I love this dress, it has a bodice that synches you in at the waist and has crossover material that flatters the skirt part of it. This is definitely a more flattering shape for bigger busted ladies, but beware of the skirt - get those granny pants out if you fear muffin tops. The animal print is always popular and if you aren't careful you can look a little Pat Butcher, but the oversize print is a new twist on the small spots and gives it an edge.

Cobweb back maxi dress - £60

I am a big fan of the maxi dress, it can hide a multitude of sins! This maxi dress is great because you can easily dress it up and down. The steel grey will look great with a range of black, silver and gold jewellery and the cobweb style back gives it a sexy edge. Perfect with a denim jacket for day time, or on it's own for the night time.

Stripe Floral Border Dress - £48

This is a perfect cotton summer dress for a BBQ or stroll in the sunshine, it has a button detail on the front, adjustable straps and an elasticated back for comfort. The blue and white stripes give it a 'Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz' type feel while the floral border print packs a trendy punch. At one of the cheaper items of the line, this is probably worth an investment.

The rest of the clothing from the range can be seen by clicking on the Lipsy website link.

All in all I am pretty impressed with the Pixie Lott range, more so with the festival range with floaty and feminine dresses and then frindged wasitcoats and hot pants for that alternative summer look. What does disappoint me are the prices, the party range dresses are all £55-£65 and that does seem a tad expensive for evening wear that won't see the light of day more than once or twice a year.

Happy browsing,

Love, SGS xoxo

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Finally... I get why Madonna is an icon

I can't say I've been the biggest fan of Madonna, I've enjoyed certain songs of hers.. Frozen (goth/weird phase), Ray of Light (boho phase), Tell Me (Cowgirl phase), Get Together (dance phase) and 4 Minutes (Rnb phase). I've always appreaciated her ability to be able to change her style, sound, appearance in a drop of a hat and to be so forward thinking. However, I wish she would put her crotch away and wonder what the hell is up with her scraggy arms...

I decided to watch her video for 'Human Nature' video last night on Youtube, I love that song and just think the video is so ahead of it's time for 1995... it's still so relevant today.

Madonna - Human Nature

It struck me like a knife in the chest, without her there may have never been an artist like Lady GaGa in the charts. While there have been comparisons etc I think this song and video really drove the message to me that Madonna is iconic.

I finally get it, she has empowered artists like GaGa to be able to perform today. 'Human Nature' celebrates the strong woman who can admit she's comfortable with her sexuality and openly admits she likes sex without apology. It's fine to be a strong, independent woman and if you don't like it, fine, I'm not apologising for who I am.

The whispers of 'Express yourself, don't repress yourself' must have been ringing in GaGa's ears from a young age.

I believe that the video presents such a powerful image. Madonna and her dancers all wear PVC and have braided or pulled back hair to represent equality amongst men and women. The choreography shows M and her dancers trying to break out of four walled cubes and escape from ropes, all tying to break out of the opression.

I'm just thankful that Madonna has been able to give a new direction for females in pop culture. This video shows elements of work that can be seen by GaGa video's, her image, style and she will undoubtedly have watched 'Human Nature' growing up and been affected by it.

So Madonna, I'm at peace with you... but less crotch, thanks.

Love, SGS xoxo

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Things that make me go 'Oooh'

This week I am in love with....

M-A-C comestics

I simply adore M-A-C cosmetics products and have become the proud owner of two eye shadows and a glitter pot, ok so not exactly a makeup bag full but everyone has to start somewhere! The eye shadows are just gorgeous and are great at not creasing and lasting longer than most! The glitter, well thats a complete luxury :) perfect for when you feel getting a little glam or going drag queen.

M-A-C's latest campaign is centred around former curly ginger Beaches star Cyndi Lauper and the electro pop artiste Lady GaGa. Both ladies have become spokespeople with Mac and have endorsed two new VIVA GLAM products in support of the M-A-C Aids Fund.

According to the website: The M-A-C Aids Fund was established in 1994 to support men, women and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS globally, VIVA GLAM I, II, III, IV, V and VI, were launched as continuous shades and have achieved tremendous success over the years. Spring 2010 sees two new VIVA GLAM shades introduced as limited life for 12 months on counter. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the sensational Cyndi Lauper and the electric Lady Gaga!

Cyndi Lauper - light coral-red

Lady GaGa - light blue-pink shade

I love the Lady GaGa lipstick (not surprised eh?!) and for £12.50 with evert penny going to the fund I will feel not at all guilty about buying it.

Go on, get Glam and support a cause.. you'd be GaGa not too (sorry!)

Lots of love, SGS xoxo

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tunes for a Tuesday

This week I'm movin' to the groovin' to...

Robyn - Dancing On My Own

Swedish pop pixie Robyn is back after a three year break with new single 'Dancing on my own' from the album 'Body Talk'. It's a cracker, electro pop with a gloomy beat and even gloomier lyrics. Robyn's music normally communicates feelings of loneliness, betrayal and love lost and 'Dancing on my own ' is no exception. Sadness aside, this a great comeback record, roll on the album.

Big Boi - Shutterbugg

Big Boi is one half of alternative hip hop duo Outkast, the one that's not Andre 3000in other words. 'Shutterbugg' has a beat that's crack-a-lackin (did I just say that?!) and is produced than none other than beat master Scott Storch who can be credited to producing hits for Dr Dre, Britney and Beyonce. This is great summer track, perfect for putting the drop top down and cruising around your hood (I'll stop now).

Rusko - Woo Boost

Not got enough dubstep in your life?! Look no further than this tune with a base so fat it's off the BMI chart. DJ Rusko or Chritopher Mercer (sounds like a lawyer) is a dubstep producer and DJ from Leeds, currently signed to Mad Decent records and is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Time to turn it up, shut the curtain and sway to the beat.

Lots of love, SGS xoxo

Monday, 26 April 2010

Coachella Fashion 2010

Fashion Fix Friday... on a Monday

Ok, I've been a tad busy and it's better late than never!

Coachella is a music festival that brings out the stars, Z listers don't even bother! It also brings out the fashion, or at least an attempt of fashion and we look at some of the trends in the sunshine and the celebs who got it oh so right and a little bit wrong.

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth has been picked out as a festival best dressed contender, but I'm not so sure... while I'm totally digging the aviators I just think she looks like a thin person in a tie dye dress! So yes tie dye is coming back in a big way, but it looks her bones can barely support the dress let alone her skin. Kudos for the gladiator flats though.

Whitney Port

'The City' star certainly pushed my fashion buttons at the festival, delighting me with her mix of vintage and bang on trend pieces. Whitney wears a rouched red mini dress with a chain bag and hair up for instant festival glam! LOVE IT! I don't know about the shoes though :S

Katy Perry

Katy turns vamp at Day 1 of Coachella with a black mini dress with a cut out criss cross on her cleaveage area. Now I like this, I think she's got the figure to pull it off and it's nice to see a bit of glam against the bohemian and vintage style of the majority of the festival goers. She teamed it with gladiator sandals and a cigarette... shame about the latter.

Kristen Stewart

K-Stew turns rude boy for the festival as she rocks a cut off black t shirt (side knotted of course), skinny jeans, Dodger hat and cool shades. I'm sort of undecided about this... because it's her then she can pull off this masculine look but Kristen has a figure I could only dream of and I'm not sure if she's doing herself any favours. However, most importantly she's pictured smiling... a rarity so she must be chillaxed.

Lots of love, SGS xoxo

Thursday, 22 April 2010

I have taken to my rest bed

Sorry for not blogging much this week, I do have an excuse however. I have been feeling pretty poorly!

My wisdom tooth on the left side of my mouth decided to grow a little more and cause havoc in my mouth and jaw. I'm now on antibiotics, painkillers and inflammation reducing mouthwash and I think a combination of factors including tiredness has led me to crash out. Today I have been mainly sleeping, looking awful, feeling sick and like someone was hitting my head with a club.

Tomorrow is another day, and I hope to feel fresher, look more human and have a great Fashion Fix Friday blog post looking at the celeb fashion at this year's Coachella Festival.

Lots of love, SGS xoxo

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Tunes for a Tuesday

This week I'm doing the worm to...

Dizzee Rascal - Dirty Disco

Everyone's favourite British rude boy is back with a BANG.. new track 'Dirty Disco' will transport you back to Magaluf, crap cocktails for 3 euros and an era when house music ruled the dancefloor... err, just me?! Well if, like me, you're still sad enough to admit you love a bit of house music then this will be right up your street! The King of the catchy beats has delivered a summer tune, get over it!


LMFAO is an electro hop group from LA that consists of DJ/rappers Redfoo (Stefan Gordy) and Sky Blu (Skyler Gordy). Their incredibly catchy single "I'm in Miami bitch" did not go down well in the office, but I loved it and I think "Yes" is going to be just as popular. The group sound like a better version of Ke$ha with a bit of current Black Eyed Peas thrown in, which is great because they are supporting them on The E.N.D tour this month.

Love, SGS xoxo

Monday, 19 April 2010

The price of going blonde?..

...£94 and confused looks

I blog about my hair quite frequently, normally in the Grinding my Gears section.. when it's being unruly, fringe needs cutting or roots are showing, so generally bad hair days. So It will come as no surprise I'm blogging about it today...

Yep it's a little pic, but you get the point!

So last Thursday I decided to stop paying for highlights and just go the extra mile and go blonde, do a Marilyn and not a Hepburn.

So the price of going blonde? £94.25... this included the bleach, toner, intensive treatment, reading magazines, rejecting tea/coffee, 4 hours of sitting in a chair, 2 platic bags out over my head to ensure bleach and toner coverage, scalp irratation and feeling like I was actually in the pits of hell, worried glances of strangers as parts of my hair went orange after bleach, innane chat with the hairdresser and a blow dry that left me with an 80s style fringe and flat sides...

I'm still not used to this hair, it's VERY blonde at the moment and I have no roots which is weird. When it does start growing back I will look like Lily Savage... not good.

Reactions have been mixed so far, my Nan was speechless for a minute (highly rare occurance), my Mum likes it, TB likes it (I think), Bestie seems to like it and I've had "Oh, you're blonde...(pause) it's nice" and "Wow, that's different".

Really it should just be about what I think, and so far I'm undecided. I've noticed more blusher is needed and some colours don't seem to look great with it but I'm going to tough it out... so until the next hair blog..

Love, SGS xoxo

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Fashion Fix Friday

Jersey Shore girls get classy

Move over Carrie Bradshaw and co, there are some newer and younger gilterrati in NYC! They come in the form of JWoww, Sammie Sweetheart and Snooki from MTV's 'Jersey Shore'.

I almost spit out my Special K when I saw the picture on Harper's Bazaar website of my three favourite Guidettes after a very classy makeover.

As part of trying to teach the girls manners and etiquette the tanned lovelies got, if anything, a make under of the sophisticated variety and don't they look gorgeous?! All it took was thousands of dollars worth of clothes, expert hair and make up and a Harper's Bazaar photographer with good lighting.

In the picture above JWoww wears a Marchesa Dress, $6,820. On Snooki a Chado Ralph Rucci dress, $7,500. Belt, $295, Michael Kors. Sandals, $119, Calvin Klein. On Sammi a J. Mendel dress, $2,850.

Check out the rest of the pictures by clicking the link.

So even a guidette can change their spots...when they're away from the Shore that is!

Love SGS, xoxo.

Dear John: Love letters in the trenches

Film Review: Dear John

Dear John the movie is based on the book by Nicholas Sparks, and with many of Nicholas Sparks novels you can expect the same thematics... romance, love found, love lost, separation and tragedy. I don't think I've ever read a novel where I didn't shed at least one tear...

Dear John tells the story of Special Forces Army Sergeant, John Tyree (Channing Tatum) who whilst on leave meets college student Savannah Curtis (Amanda Seyfried) after rescuing her bag from the sea. The couple's love blossoms over two weeks as John helps the conscientious Savannah build a rescue home, and Savannah helps to heal John's fractured relationship with his autistic father (Richard Jenkins).

The love struck pair are separated when John has to return to duty, but promises to return to Savannah after completing his enlistment. They promise each other they will write letters, and over the course of year they reveal their feelings, hopes and dreams of being reunited. The 9/11 attacks force a series of life changing decisions for the couple as John re-enlists and the separation threatens to tear the relationship apart.

The film left me feeling a little bemused as the latter events unfolded, how accurate it is to the book I'm not sure but the direction of the story left me feeling confused. The lead performances were convincing, Seyfried was charming as the picture perfect wholesome all- American girl and Tatum looked the part as a surfer and Sergeant.

The star performer of the film to me was Richard Jenkins as John's autistic father, he played the role perfectly it was understated yet extremely powerful. Many actors might have felt the need to 'over act' yet Jenkins fragile approach completely won over. One particular scene with Tatum and Jenkins was extremely powerful as John reads a letter to his father as he lays in a hospital bad after suffering a stroke. The scene left me mascara streaked and with an aching heart as both actors delivered an emotive, heartfelt and engaging scene.

Dear John will certainly appeal to the more romantic minded cinema goers but they may feel like me, a little agitated at the storyline. The best Sparks adapted films to this day have to be The Notebook and A Walk to Remember and I'm afraid Dear John falls short of being a truly good romantic led movie.

SGS Rating: ** (and a half)/5

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tunes for a Tuesday

This week I'm doing the honky tonk to these tunes....

The Pretty Reckless - Makes Me Wanna Die

So who owns these sultry, growly, sexy tones on this record?....they belong to none other than Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Humphrey from savvy, New York TV show Gossip Girl. Yes, seriously, she does... hard to believe isn't it? She looks like a slightly tougher version of Sleeping Beauty, but boy can she belt out a song. I love this and compared to co-star Leighton Meester aka - Queen Bitch Blair efforts so far in the music world, it's definitely 1-0 to the blonde.

Kate Nash - Do Wah Do

So Kate "you say I eat too many lemons, coz I am so bit-ah" Nash is back... and guess what?! She's not nearly as annoying!! Kate has obviously done some growing up in her absence, and her music is all the better for it. 'Do Wah Do' is a clever, quirky and catchy pop song and even the video is more asthetically pleasing with a feel-good choreographed dance routine on a plane.... shame that Britney got there first :)

Dawrin Deez - Radar Detector

So in this video screenshot Darwin looks like the Elephant Man with a jewfro, I can confirm he's not (minus the jewfro)... by day he is a vegan waiter in a cafe and by night he plays around New York clubs. Honestly I can't really explain who is he is and what his thoughts are so instead I've put a link to an article on him.... read for yourself. This track is fantastic, and look out for it being adopted for an iPhone advert asap.

Love, SGS xoxo

Monday, 12 April 2010

Film Review - Remember Me

Where the motto is: You only have one life on this earth, live it.

Remember Me is a film about anger, loss, despair, love, tragedy and healing... can they fit all that in two hours? They certainly can.

Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, a rebellious, angry young man in New York City in 2001 who has a strained relationship with his father and is struggling to cope with the recent suicide of his brother. Tyler is a little bit lost in life and we get the sense he doesn't know who he is any more or what he wants to do with his life.

Luckily for him, a set up encounter with Ally (Emilie de Ravin) does more for him than he could ever realise. Ally's loving spirit and empathetic nature to Tyler's loss after seeing her mother murdered, leads to a relationship of friendship, happiness, healing and love.

However this happy state begins to collapse as secrets are revealed, and tragic events look to rip the couple apart.

Robert Pattinson's maiden film since the Twilight Saga began in 2009 was always going to be scrutinied as we wondered what the tousled hair star would do next. It's clear Pattinson has chosen a script that in many ways won't please the die-hard Twihards. Tyler is rebellious and hateful, likes smoking, swearing and getting into brawls, hardly the composed, thoughtful and romantic 108 year old vampire Edward Cullen.

The script is at times a little bit overwhelming and feels almost too clever, however Pattinson delivers his dialogue smoothly and it's almost excusable. The on screen relationships between Tyler and his best friend Aidan, love interest Ally and in particular his younger sister Caroline (played by the brilliant Ruby Jerins) are touching and show Tyler's different persona's.

The end of the film is pretty harrowing, and I guess the scriptwriter wanted it that way. I left the cinema feeling shocked, sad but a little bit cheated... I feel perhaps the finale went for the shock factor rather than a truly credible closure.

Rob Pattinson can be proud of this film as a step out of the Twilight world, and although it might not be a classic it's a definite start for him to break from the rigid type-cast of Edward Cullen. Possibly the best thing about this film was the emergence of Ruby Jerins who is such a talented young actress, who had a delicate and rather harrowing storyline to deal with. Her performance is touching and I can only imagine she'll be a Hollywood starlet in years to come, she is also brilliant as one of Jackie's daughers in TV Series Nurse Jackie.

SGS Rating: ***/5

Spring clean

So.... can you see the difference?!

If not, I advise you go and see a Doctor, preferably an Optometrist!

But yes I have been cleaning out my proverbial closet and decided to give the blog a bit of a revamp! I can't promise it will look like this in 3 months time as I plan to tweak and adjust it until I am pretty happy.

So far, I quite it like it. Much like the blog itself I feel it has progressed out of infancy into a more respectable young adult. Ahhh... I'm proud.

This week I hope to do a film review of Rob Pattinson's new (and anti Edward Cullen film) 'Remember Me'. Dish out some cracking Tunes for a Tuesday, have a look at some fashion thats and generally talk a bit of nonsense!

Lots of love, SGS xoxo

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Celeb train - Next stop, Splitsville

All aboard the Singles bus

I am a fan (on the whole) of celebrity couples, ok, so there are some that I hate/have hated eg. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills (One legged bandit) or Katie Price and Alex Reid (Shamtastic).

What can I say? I'm a sucker for love and romance and like to see people happy in couples whatever their ages, status or financial wealth. Yet being a celebrity it must be hard to meet genuine people or have a normal relationship.

So imagine my horror as last night I discovered not one, but two celebrity couples were headed for the break up boat. Lenny Henry and Dawn French are splitting up after 25 years of marriage :( Noooo and Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy are splitting after 5 years.. sob... in the words of Black Eyed Peas, where is the love?

I thought I'd compile a list of the 5 celeb splits that have saddened me the most...

5. Samantha and Smith from Sex and the City

Ok, ok, so it's a fictional TV show/Movie it still doesn't mean I can't get upset! I have grown up with the SATC ladies in my life, shared their tears, relationships and wardrobe triumphs. Smith stayed with Sam for 5 years and supported her through cancer and chemotherapy but Sam called it quits, moved back to NYC from LA and decided to live for her.. sob :(

4. Jake Gyllenhall and Reese Witherspoon

Awww I LOVED this couple together, I mean look how gorgeous they look!! They are the American dream... damn work schedules or whatever it was that seperated these two uber talented, pretty people. I've always liked Reese Witherspoon and really hope she finds Mr. Right, hopefully it wasn't her love of Avon products that did the damage!

3. Cheryl Cole (Tweed) and Ashley Cole

I'm not particularly sad for him, but I am sad for Chezza. I mean she's gorgeous, talented and wants to have a career seperate from her husband... what's so wrong with that?! Ashley allegedly slept with a chav looking girl in 2008 for which he was forgiven and returns Chezza's extremely nice gesture by sexting his little Ashley parts to various girls.. what an idiot. Better off without him Cheryl..

2. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson

These two were the ultimate newlyweds! They kindly documented their first years of marriage on MTV for us to mock, laugh at but generally grow to like Jess and Nick as Barbie and Ken. Jessica was a dumb blonde who loved throwing clothes about and pretending she could cook, Nick wore vest tops alot, hung out with his brother and rolled his eyes constantly... but they were in love. Until on a film shoot, Jess allegedly hooked up with Bam Margera (Jack Ass) and was judged by me, to be a skank...

1. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

After Brad Pitt's appearance as a Rachel Green hating friend of Ross' on Friends I was totally sold on this couple, they seemed to have it all... fame, wealth, beauty and the chemistry. That is until Pitt made a film called 'Mr and Mrs Smith' with the big lipped, blood vial wearing, she-vixen that is Angeline Jolie. The chemistry on screen was undeniably good between and off screen the magic seemed to be happening too. Brangelina now have about 20 kids, a keen sense of peace on earth and just look so loved up. Jennifer Aniston on the other hand, still has her figure, no children, a history of terrible choice boyfriends and an uncanny ability to play the same charatcer in every terrible movie she makes... I'd say Brangelina 1, Aniston 0.

Please celeb world, no more break ups for now...

Love, SGS xoxo

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter happened... I went MIC(hocolate)A.

Easter allsorts

Apologies for the lack of posts, Easter happened and erm I sort of lost track of my days, got lost in a chocolate haze and didn't go near a computer!

So today I've decided to a do a jumble of posts like an Easter pick n mix to try and make up for my lack of posts over the past couple of days.

Internal interviews - easier than an external interview?

Tomorrow I have an interview (whoop-ish) for an internal vacancy in the company and I'm wondering how different it will be to external interviews. I've never had an internal interview before and I'm guessing it's a bit different on a few levels, rightly or wrongly I do feel more comfortable about it...

1. I don't have to worry about the location of the interview or sign into reception.. I know the building code baby!
2. I don't have to shake hands and fake laugh at appropriate moments, I already know the people interviewing me
3. Hopefully no curve ball questions..... "How would you implement an equality and diversity policy?" (Shudders at memory of Sport Relief interview)
4. They already know me so I won't get the inevitable question about the origin of my name... phew!
5. If they say, "We'll let you know by the end of the day/week" they more than likely will, rather than not let you know anything for 2 weeks until you feel stalker-like with emails and phone messages.

Tune for a Tuesday

This week I'm doin' the hustle to...

Lostprophets - For he's a jolly good felon

Lostprophets have been around since 1997 and hail from Pontypridd, or to any other Welsh person.. plain old Ponty! Sometimes shouty, Ian Watkins is the lead singer of the nu-metal/new wave/hard rock group who have had chart success notably with 'Rooftops' and 'Last train home'. I like this tune for making me think of summer and the fact it's not too shouty and the goths and emos would shout 'Townie' at me for liking it :-)

Pixie Lott- Win the clobber she designed

So a couple of months back I posted that Pixie Lott was designing a range for Lipsy and lo behold you can win all the clobber worth £800 by clicking the link.

These dresses are from the Pixie Party range.. and curiously look A LOT like any other designed Lipsy dresses, crepe fabric, bejeweled and just very Lipsy like. So very cute, feminine and bang on colour trend but not very original.

From the Pixie Festival range that will feature bleached denim, fringing and slouchy vests. Out of the three looks in the picture I definitely prefer the middle, the bustier style bleached denim dress and cute hair bow is a good summer look with an edge.

I'm not overly impressed so far with these pictures but I'll wait to see the whole collection before being too disappointed and let's face it, who would say no to free clothes!!

Love, SGS xoxo