Monday, 12 April 2010

Film Review - Remember Me

Where the motto is: You only have one life on this earth, live it.

Remember Me is a film about anger, loss, despair, love, tragedy and healing... can they fit all that in two hours? They certainly can.

Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, a rebellious, angry young man in New York City in 2001 who has a strained relationship with his father and is struggling to cope with the recent suicide of his brother. Tyler is a little bit lost in life and we get the sense he doesn't know who he is any more or what he wants to do with his life.

Luckily for him, a set up encounter with Ally (Emilie de Ravin) does more for him than he could ever realise. Ally's loving spirit and empathetic nature to Tyler's loss after seeing her mother murdered, leads to a relationship of friendship, happiness, healing and love.

However this happy state begins to collapse as secrets are revealed, and tragic events look to rip the couple apart.

Robert Pattinson's maiden film since the Twilight Saga began in 2009 was always going to be scrutinied as we wondered what the tousled hair star would do next. It's clear Pattinson has chosen a script that in many ways won't please the die-hard Twihards. Tyler is rebellious and hateful, likes smoking, swearing and getting into brawls, hardly the composed, thoughtful and romantic 108 year old vampire Edward Cullen.

The script is at times a little bit overwhelming and feels almost too clever, however Pattinson delivers his dialogue smoothly and it's almost excusable. The on screen relationships between Tyler and his best friend Aidan, love interest Ally and in particular his younger sister Caroline (played by the brilliant Ruby Jerins) are touching and show Tyler's different persona's.

The end of the film is pretty harrowing, and I guess the scriptwriter wanted it that way. I left the cinema feeling shocked, sad but a little bit cheated... I feel perhaps the finale went for the shock factor rather than a truly credible closure.

Rob Pattinson can be proud of this film as a step out of the Twilight world, and although it might not be a classic it's a definite start for him to break from the rigid type-cast of Edward Cullen. Possibly the best thing about this film was the emergence of Ruby Jerins who is such a talented young actress, who had a delicate and rather harrowing storyline to deal with. Her performance is touching and I can only imagine she'll be a Hollywood starlet in years to come, she is also brilliant as one of Jackie's daughers in TV Series Nurse Jackie.

SGS Rating: ***/5

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