Monday, 19 April 2010

The price of going blonde?..

...£94 and confused looks

I blog about my hair quite frequently, normally in the Grinding my Gears section.. when it's being unruly, fringe needs cutting or roots are showing, so generally bad hair days. So It will come as no surprise I'm blogging about it today...

Yep it's a little pic, but you get the point!

So last Thursday I decided to stop paying for highlights and just go the extra mile and go blonde, do a Marilyn and not a Hepburn.

So the price of going blonde? £94.25... this included the bleach, toner, intensive treatment, reading magazines, rejecting tea/coffee, 4 hours of sitting in a chair, 2 platic bags out over my head to ensure bleach and toner coverage, scalp irratation and feeling like I was actually in the pits of hell, worried glances of strangers as parts of my hair went orange after bleach, innane chat with the hairdresser and a blow dry that left me with an 80s style fringe and flat sides...

I'm still not used to this hair, it's VERY blonde at the moment and I have no roots which is weird. When it does start growing back I will look like Lily Savage... not good.

Reactions have been mixed so far, my Nan was speechless for a minute (highly rare occurance), my Mum likes it, TB likes it (I think), Bestie seems to like it and I've had "Oh, you're blonde...(pause) it's nice" and "Wow, that's different".

Really it should just be about what I think, and so far I'm undecided. I've noticed more blusher is needed and some colours don't seem to look great with it but I'm going to tough it out... so until the next hair blog..

Love, SGS xoxo

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