Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tunes for a Tuesday

This week I'm doing the honky tonk to these tunes....

The Pretty Reckless - Makes Me Wanna Die

So who owns these sultry, growly, sexy tones on this record?....they belong to none other than Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Humphrey from savvy, New York TV show Gossip Girl. Yes, seriously, she does... hard to believe isn't it? She looks like a slightly tougher version of Sleeping Beauty, but boy can she belt out a song. I love this and compared to co-star Leighton Meester aka - Queen Bitch Blair efforts so far in the music world, it's definitely 1-0 to the blonde.

Kate Nash - Do Wah Do

So Kate "you say I eat too many lemons, coz I am so bit-ah" Nash is back... and guess what?! She's not nearly as annoying!! Kate has obviously done some growing up in her absence, and her music is all the better for it. 'Do Wah Do' is a clever, quirky and catchy pop song and even the video is more asthetically pleasing with a feel-good choreographed dance routine on a plane.... shame that Britney got there first :)

Dawrin Deez - Radar Detector

So in this video screenshot Darwin looks like the Elephant Man with a jewfro, I can confirm he's not (minus the jewfro)... by day he is a vegan waiter in a cafe and by night he plays around New York clubs. Honestly I can't really explain who is he is and what his thoughts are so instead I've put a link to an article on him.... read for yourself. This track is fantastic, and look out for it being adopted for an iPhone advert asap.

Love, SGS xoxo

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