Thursday, 29 April 2010

Finally... I get why Madonna is an icon

I can't say I've been the biggest fan of Madonna, I've enjoyed certain songs of hers.. Frozen (goth/weird phase), Ray of Light (boho phase), Tell Me (Cowgirl phase), Get Together (dance phase) and 4 Minutes (Rnb phase). I've always appreaciated her ability to be able to change her style, sound, appearance in a drop of a hat and to be so forward thinking. However, I wish she would put her crotch away and wonder what the hell is up with her scraggy arms...

I decided to watch her video for 'Human Nature' video last night on Youtube, I love that song and just think the video is so ahead of it's time for 1995... it's still so relevant today.

Madonna - Human Nature

It struck me like a knife in the chest, without her there may have never been an artist like Lady GaGa in the charts. While there have been comparisons etc I think this song and video really drove the message to me that Madonna is iconic.

I finally get it, she has empowered artists like GaGa to be able to perform today. 'Human Nature' celebrates the strong woman who can admit she's comfortable with her sexuality and openly admits she likes sex without apology. It's fine to be a strong, independent woman and if you don't like it, fine, I'm not apologising for who I am.

The whispers of 'Express yourself, don't repress yourself' must have been ringing in GaGa's ears from a young age.

I believe that the video presents such a powerful image. Madonna and her dancers all wear PVC and have braided or pulled back hair to represent equality amongst men and women. The choreography shows M and her dancers trying to break out of four walled cubes and escape from ropes, all tying to break out of the opression.

I'm just thankful that Madonna has been able to give a new direction for females in pop culture. This video shows elements of work that can be seen by GaGa video's, her image, style and she will undoubtedly have watched 'Human Nature' growing up and been affected by it.

So Madonna, I'm at peace with you... but less crotch, thanks.

Love, SGS xoxo

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