Thursday, 29 October 2009

Confessions of an idiot...

Life without a mobile phone?

So on Tuesday evenng I went to charge my mobile and lo and behold.... couldn't find my charger... no initial panic, this happens often.

As I am currently working and living in Wales (2 nights a week) and England (5 nights a week) then I often put these things in odd places.. shoes, knicker bags, bags with food, as I dash out of the door in the mornings. So searched through my bags.. and nothing.. at this point my phone is dead.

Over the course of the I ring my mother- phone isn't in Wales, not in work, not in the car, not in my bags, not on the road, not in my granny pants or the fridge.

Of course I am panic stricken.. how will I survive without that block of plastic and wire?! My lifeline to the world... grief takes over as I realise I am possibly the only person within a 100 mile radius that has a Motorola phone. Idiotic phone choice, every one and their mother has a Nokia or had a Nokia.

I order a replacement online because it is cheap, my luck we would have ANOTHER postal strike so that means it won't turn up til god knows when. I resort to charging the Nokia brick of 2002 that gratefully flashes to light when I get it from the cupboard and plug it in, but my heart feels heavy and my stomach twists...

I reluctantly ask on Facebook if anyone has a Motorola charger I could lend.. of course they don't. I send a few friends a message to send me their numbers so I enter them onto the eager brick in my hand. The thought of not having my phone is almost too much to bear..

I decide to take one more look in my work handbag that is the size of Brazil, and deep within a dark crevice is my charger. I swear that bag is the leather equivalent of Narnia... many items have disappeared there.. pens, makeup, lip gloss and they all return eventually.. without an evil queen after them thankfully!

So that concludes my story of idiocy... and the realisation that I have irrational feelings when it comes to my phone. Many friends have commented that I always have it on, text back quickly and enquire why I never switch it off, and the answer? I'm scared of what I might miss.... sad maybe, but I turned it on to discover a message left for me to attend a job interview... so maybe I can just about rationalise my irrational thoughts this time.

Love, SGS xoxo

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tune on a Tuesday

Lady GaGa- Bad Romance

Our favourite Gliterrati New York Disco-Pop Princess is back with synths, lashings of pop and electro beats. Bad Romance was first aired on the catwalk of Alexander McQueens A/W 09 show, an honour indeed, and has infiltrated radio airtime ever since. No video as yet but what we can expect? blood? metal outfits? crutches? 10 costume changes? OTT? Yes, but that's why I love her

Happy Listening!

Love, SGS xoxo

Monday, 26 October 2009

Dreaming of Hibernation

I envy bears...

Hibernation has always appealed to me, the thought of gorging myself then settling down for a 6 month nap in a cosy, warm space pickles my egg!

After some research I have discovered that bears hibernate around October and before they do they go on a seafood diet- See food, and eat it (insert laugh)! They gain around 40lbs a week before their furry slumber party so that they have enough fuel in their bodies to last the duration of their long naps... jealous!!!

They then wake up in April/May.. refreshed, with bad breath admittedly and probably cramp but can you imagine how nice that would be?!

KFC, McDonalds, Subway, Ribs, Chocolate all week and then a big nap... phwoar.. so please higher being, in my next life, can I come back as a bear?!

Love, SGS xoxo

Friday, 23 October 2009

A Weighty Issue..

If there was a petition to get Mr Motivator back on GMTV in the mornings, then I would definitely sign it! So yes, he wore ridiculously coloured tight spandex and the unforgivable bandanna.. he sort or reminded me of maths teacher getting his kicks before the long, arduous tasks of teaching brats... but his positive and can do attitude did sort of rub off on me.

Sadly I admit, I did on occasion grab the occasional can of beans and join him in an aerobic morning exercise with the bored housewives. At this moment I need a mad spandex and specs wearing optimist to help retrieve motivation to lose weight. I did lose some after consuming slimfast and genuine gym dedication but that period has long gone.

Ideally I would like to be 9 stone, at this moment I am teetering on the border of 10.. I was 9st 6/7 so was getting there...

So, if you are reading this Mr Motivator, please can you knock on my door sans camera crew and get me motivated to do some cardio!! Not before 9am though please, I'm cranky and feel sick before... Cheers!

Love, SGS xoxo

Thursday, 22 October 2009

New Job Hesitations...

Starting a new job today.. so why does it feel like it's my first day at school?

My stomach is a little bit wobbly, feel nervous.. will they like me? steal my lunch? put gum in my hair?

In all serious, I think as humans we find it hard to adapt to change, some are better than others and I tend to fall the latter category. I get used to the journey to work, my desk, my seat, how long my computer takes to switch on, my colleagues, the office telephone number.. you get the just of it!

So with trepidation and without a Dora the explorer backpack (damn that little girl in the picture) I take my first steps towards my new job... I don't have cooties.. honest.

Love, SGS xoxo

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tunes for Tuesday

Well I just can't decide on just one track today so shall put a few that have caught my attention and got the disco juices flowing.

First up

30 Seconds to Mars- Kings and Queens

Holywood actor turned ebony haired rocker Jared Leto fronts this band, probably best noted for their track The Kill. The band are currently filming the video for Kings and Queens in Las Vegas and judging by Jared's obvious input into the accompanying theatrical music videos its sure to be worth a watch.

Ke$ha- Tik Tok

This lady with attitude and a penchant for using symbols is the very one that sang on Flo*Rida's Right Round hit. Sounds like a single freshly rolled out from the Lady GaGa factory.. electro, pop beats and word repetition but I like it! Ke$ha fact- she got thrown out of Prince's house after sort of inviting herself in.. see little people do pack a punch :)

Attack! Attack! You and Me

This Welsh rock band from Caerphilly are not to be confused with their American counterparts, they formed in 2006 and have toured with the likes of The Blackout, Funeral for a Friend, Lostprophets and You Me At Six. Added quodos comes from the fact this single is featured on Guitar Hero 5... sweaty geeks unite!

Happy Listening,

Love, SGS xoxo

Friday, 16 October 2009

Blonde Ambition

Blonde by hair colour, not by nature

Found myself a new hairdresser who dealt with my attention to every detail demands and concerns and put up with my at first non trusting attitude.. Thank you Claire!

Told her I wanted to be blonder, wanted a change and I think I've achieved that.

Trust is very important when it comes to my hair, and I think I've started a new relationship complete with trust with Claire.

Just a couple of steps closer to the full Lady GaGa look :) no fake blood for me though!

Hope you like it as much as I do..

Love, SGS xoxo

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Hello Lover!

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw... "Hello Lover" except I am not looking at the perfect apartment on 5th Avenue with my older gentleman friend, I am referring to my upcoming trip to NYC.

Myself and The Boy (TB) booked out trip to our spiritual home last night, 5 nights in January staying at the Sheraton Hotel near Central Park and Times Square flying with Virgin... even as I type I am getting dewy eyed.

Why NYC you may ask?!

Me and TB have visited before, last December in fact, and we fell in love with it. For me why this city has a such special pull is the atmosphere, its busy.. hustling and bustling but there is a feeling of history, tradition, hope and excitement. It's where you feel you could achieve your wildest dreams, and who doesn't like thinking about that?

The pivotal moment for me came as we walked though Central Park in the snow, life at that moment just seemed to stop. Nothing else mattered, surrounded by surreal beauty and in the company of my love and best friend the world stopped turning and I felt a tide of extreme happiness wash over me.

So my estranged land lover.... Catch you in January, it's been too long.

Love, SGS xoxo

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ode to Sean...

Today, 5 years have passed since my friend died.

I remember him more with a smile than tears but there is still and always will be a fusion of the two emotions, sadness and happiness as you remember them.

Sean was a person that could instantly make you smile, turn that frown upside down and he was loved by everyone that knew him. He constantly made me laugh, gave great hugs and remains one of the most genuine people I have ever met. His warmth and charisma were infectious and I am truly honoured to say that I knew him and he was my friend.

So as I look back and remember the little things, big things and everything in between about this boy I will do my best to smile.... smile like he would have.

Miss and love you always Sean, Rest in peace sweetheart.

Emina xxx

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tune on a Tuesday- Take 2

Ellie Goulding- Under the Sheets

You lucky people!! This is ANOTHER tune for a Tuesday, couldn't get the video to display correctly yesterday and it does today- WHOOP!

This was just played on Radio 1 as part of New Music Generator that takes a persons preferences and gives them a new track to enjoy.. the lady in question liked Florence and the Machine, Ladyhawke and Bat for Lashes...not bad eh?!

Like the floaty, mysterious vocals on this track and its dreamlike quality, think she's going to go far! Ellie hails from Hereford and was surely destined to be a farmers wife, she's a city girl now and all the best to her.

Love SGS, xoxo

Tune on a Tuesday

Paulo Nutini- Pencil Full of Lead

Loving this track, heard him do it live on Graham Norton last night and it was fantastic to see a live jazz band, trumpets, guitairs, and even old man Harmonica made an appearance. No synths or Casio's in sight..a refreshing change.

Transports me back to the 1940's I can imagine wearing a cute little floral dress with glamour curls in my hair and dancing around after my shift in the factory helping the war effort!

Get those curlers in, apply some red lippy and a floral dress and get dancing :)

Love, SGS xoxo

Friday, 9 October 2009

Fashion Fix Friday

For Autumn/Winter its all about the fur darling.... faux of course!

Designers have been featuring real fur on the catwalks for the Fall/Autumn 2009 shows and of course angering the likes of PETA and fur-hating celebs such as Kim Basinger and Basil Brush.

For Designers faux fir is simply not an option... an ana.logy for us common folk, why have Tesco baked beans when Heinz is readily available?! Fur companies even provided some designers with the real stuff to encourage them to use it in their collections.

If I had plenty of $$$ would I buy real or fake?

I would like to, in all honesty, believe that I would buy faux.. after all I have morals and I like animals as much as the next person. Do I agree that killing an animal just for its fur is wrong? Completely.. I hate that thought but if the fur was sourced ethically from an animal that had deceased anyway is where I get into a grey area.

Luckily my current financial state means that I'm faux to go baby and will look to purchase a beautful faux friend in the upcoming month.

Above is a D&G pink fur sleeved creation, a faux feather coat from ASOS, and a Versace Blue fur coat. Think I'll stick with my opinions, and plump for the middle one.

Love SGS, xoxo.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

HOT Fashion item.. for less

This beaded fabric bib is £40 on ASOS and very pretty too....

BUT wait fashionistas, I have a replica of above bib, beaded.. gold, silver and blue and it was only £4!!!!

Where from you may ask? Primark...

So thanks, but no thanks ASOS... I'm fine with my bargain :)

Love SGS xoxo

(Will update with a picture later)

Comedy without the front-row target!

Saw the very funny and talented Michael McIntyre last night at the Birmingham NIA and I really enjoyed it, was refreshing to see a comedian without a political agenda. This was a comedic routine of personal tales without trashing a country, celebrity, politician or member of the audience in the dreaded front-row.

I do enjoy the close to the bone comedians such as Frankie Boyle but having being on the receiving end of that acid tongue then I am more wary of it..

I asked my mother to book tickets to see Frankie Boyle last year in Port Talbot and she did which was great. When we got the tickets we were front row. The Princess Royal Theatre (makes you think of a grand Barbie-esque venue.. it's a **** hole) is only a small venue and I felt physically sick at the thought of that...

On the evening we got to the front row.. and the seats were dead centre... if things couldn't get any worse they certainly did then. We were on the front-line of a battle against the stand-up, praying on his mercy.. they might as well have given us a helmet and ration pack, it was going to be a long night.

So the warm up guy came out, some American who picked mercilessly on the family next to me and then of course it was our turn, his eyes locked on the next target... The Boy (TB) sat with me and he was picked on too. Survived it.. just...

Then Frankie Boyle who came out and waited a full 30mins until finally picking on me and TB.. what he said I cannot really remember, I braced myself for the barrage of insults and literally froze. I think I stopped breathing, my internal organs were quivering, my eyes locked onto him and my ears were suddenly blocked. I picked out the words "gay" and "eat him alive" and that's about it.

Why should a night out meant to be filled with laughter have to be filled with dread? the rest of my evening was sort of ruined and relaxing was not an option. No SOS flag could be waved.

So please dear comedians, we don't pay £20+ to be verbally abused.... I crawled out of the comedy trenches and patched my bruised ego but the fear runs deep....

Love, SGS xoxo

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tune on a Tuesday

Tommy Sparks - She's Got Me Dancing

Not able to post the video... just the song!! Loving this at the moment, heard it on Radio 1 a little while ago and now Apple have adopted it in their new I-phone games ad.

I predict BIG things for this tune and the Sparks geezer is British :) like most songs adopted for ads, this will probably be heavily downloaded and overplayed but for now.. it's coco chanel darling ;)

For the official video, click here (watch out for the man shooting lazers from his nipples.. OUCH)

Enjoy! Love, SGS xoxo

Monday, 5 October 2009

Shoooeee la la....

Christian Louboutin Mary Jane Studded Platform Shoe Wow-weeee.. take a look at these beauties..

Checking all the must-have boxes for me!

Studs- tick
Platform- tick
Utterly gorgeous- tick
Ridiculously expensive- tick (arounf £450)

Hmmm lets see.. more than half my wages?! Shall I purchase? erm.. maybe next month, I like food too much

Love, SGS xoxo

Dull, dull job applications...

Dreaded job applications, a necessary but dull part of applying for a new job!

I loathe them... am more a fan of the CV and covering letter format, if you are organised (like moi) then you have a couple of different versions of your CV and basics of a covering letter already saved and them tweak them to match the job descriprion.

I have just filled in an ardous application for a well known television broadcasting company in the UK and it was so uninspiring... about 6 dull sections. If I have come across as the enthusiastic, motivated, fun loving, creative bull-crap person they are looking for it will be a miracle..
Here are the answers I would REALLY love to give...
Question 1- Name a time where you have used team work to achieve a goal...
Me and my gal pals ganged up on a bar man and with humiliation and constant banter got him to give us the promotion on the cocktails that finished before we arrive.
Question 2- Can you name a time where you have showed iniative?
Changed the sale label on a dress to get the lower price and it worked :)
Took full advantage of the Tapas for a Tenner offer in La Tasca by ordering so much food to get our moneys worth the waiter looked at me in disgust and belief before walking away.
Question 3- Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
As a gangsers mol, living in New York refusing to get out of bed for less than $10,000 only wearing Louboutin shoes and sequins and generally being a rich b****h.
So if you are too filling in these awful job apps I can sympathise...
Love, SGS xoxo

Friday, 2 October 2009

New Moon on the horizon

In the words of Shakira... Awooooooohoooooooooooooo

Cannot wait for this film to come out now! I can almost taste it approaching, like a weight watcher staring at a cream cake in a shop window.. I am salivating in anticipation, knees buckling in trepidation and eyes shining in greedy, greedy lust...

November 20th... better than cake

Love, SGS xoxo

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Brain to mouth malfunction

Struck up a great convo with a girl behind the counter in H&M yesterday... which is great as looking for potential gal pals in W.

However could NOT get it outta my head that she looked like a UK version of Ugly Betty... the glasses, braces, dark long hair... slightly geek-chic clothes... so what did I go and do?! Yes that's right in a moment of brain to mouth malfunction as I was leaving the counter I said,

"Thank you Betty"

OH for F***s sake?! I did not stop to see the look on her face... I'm praying she has perforated ear drums or something and didn't hear me...

The search continues.........................

Love, SGS xoxo