Thursday, 29 October 2009

Confessions of an idiot...

Life without a mobile phone?

So on Tuesday evenng I went to charge my mobile and lo and behold.... couldn't find my charger... no initial panic, this happens often.

As I am currently working and living in Wales (2 nights a week) and England (5 nights a week) then I often put these things in odd places.. shoes, knicker bags, bags with food, as I dash out of the door in the mornings. So searched through my bags.. and nothing.. at this point my phone is dead.

Over the course of the I ring my mother- phone isn't in Wales, not in work, not in the car, not in my bags, not on the road, not in my granny pants or the fridge.

Of course I am panic stricken.. how will I survive without that block of plastic and wire?! My lifeline to the world... grief takes over as I realise I am possibly the only person within a 100 mile radius that has a Motorola phone. Idiotic phone choice, every one and their mother has a Nokia or had a Nokia.

I order a replacement online because it is cheap, my luck we would have ANOTHER postal strike so that means it won't turn up til god knows when. I resort to charging the Nokia brick of 2002 that gratefully flashes to light when I get it from the cupboard and plug it in, but my heart feels heavy and my stomach twists...

I reluctantly ask on Facebook if anyone has a Motorola charger I could lend.. of course they don't. I send a few friends a message to send me their numbers so I enter them onto the eager brick in my hand. The thought of not having my phone is almost too much to bear..

I decide to take one more look in my work handbag that is the size of Brazil, and deep within a dark crevice is my charger. I swear that bag is the leather equivalent of Narnia... many items have disappeared there.. pens, makeup, lip gloss and they all return eventually.. without an evil queen after them thankfully!

So that concludes my story of idiocy... and the realisation that I have irrational feelings when it comes to my phone. Many friends have commented that I always have it on, text back quickly and enquire why I never switch it off, and the answer? I'm scared of what I might miss.... sad maybe, but I turned it on to discover a message left for me to attend a job interview... so maybe I can just about rationalise my irrational thoughts this time.

Love, SGS xoxo

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