Friday, 9 October 2009

Fashion Fix Friday

For Autumn/Winter its all about the fur darling.... faux of course!

Designers have been featuring real fur on the catwalks for the Fall/Autumn 2009 shows and of course angering the likes of PETA and fur-hating celebs such as Kim Basinger and Basil Brush.

For Designers faux fir is simply not an option... an ana.logy for us common folk, why have Tesco baked beans when Heinz is readily available?! Fur companies even provided some designers with the real stuff to encourage them to use it in their collections.

If I had plenty of $$$ would I buy real or fake?

I would like to, in all honesty, believe that I would buy faux.. after all I have morals and I like animals as much as the next person. Do I agree that killing an animal just for its fur is wrong? Completely.. I hate that thought but if the fur was sourced ethically from an animal that had deceased anyway is where I get into a grey area.

Luckily my current financial state means that I'm faux to go baby and will look to purchase a beautful faux friend in the upcoming month.

Above is a D&G pink fur sleeved creation, a faux feather coat from ASOS, and a Versace Blue fur coat. Think I'll stick with my opinions, and plump for the middle one.

Love SGS, xoxo.

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