Monday, 5 October 2009

Dull, dull job applications...

Dreaded job applications, a necessary but dull part of applying for a new job!

I loathe them... am more a fan of the CV and covering letter format, if you are organised (like moi) then you have a couple of different versions of your CV and basics of a covering letter already saved and them tweak them to match the job descriprion.

I have just filled in an ardous application for a well known television broadcasting company in the UK and it was so uninspiring... about 6 dull sections. If I have come across as the enthusiastic, motivated, fun loving, creative bull-crap person they are looking for it will be a miracle..
Here are the answers I would REALLY love to give...
Question 1- Name a time where you have used team work to achieve a goal...
Me and my gal pals ganged up on a bar man and with humiliation and constant banter got him to give us the promotion on the cocktails that finished before we arrive.
Question 2- Can you name a time where you have showed iniative?
Changed the sale label on a dress to get the lower price and it worked :)
Took full advantage of the Tapas for a Tenner offer in La Tasca by ordering so much food to get our moneys worth the waiter looked at me in disgust and belief before walking away.
Question 3- Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
As a gangsers mol, living in New York refusing to get out of bed for less than $10,000 only wearing Louboutin shoes and sequins and generally being a rich b****h.
So if you are too filling in these awful job apps I can sympathise...
Love, SGS xoxo

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