Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Halloween... Trick or Treat?

The undead look is SO hot right now...

Halloween.. always a treat for me!

A night for ghosts, ghouls, girls in tu-tus and the undead to make their mark in the world.

For me it's about the opportunity to plan a costume, dress up, think about all the little things- make-up, hair, eyelashes, glitter, fake blood, tights etc.. and it got me thinking about why I like it so much. Is it the fact that we can have a new identity, if only for a while?

Just putting a wig on can completely change how you look... 2 years ago I had a long black wig on, and I looked a cross between Lily Allen and Mortisha Adams and even felt a bit different- like a Transylvanian uber bitch! This year I think I excelled myself, I had a morbid fascination with the tranformation of my hair and face with lotions and potions (I don't think the o-zone layer would appreaciate my excessive use of hair and glitter sprays- oops.)

Halloween is espcially good for those who like to dress up because it involves the supernatural, not only do you get to look different but you can be a character of myth, scary stories and fables and interpret the look of a Vampire or Zombie as you like it.

Trick of the night- having to pay £8 to get into Oceania.. surely they know the undead don't use cash or plastic?!

Love, SGS xoxo

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