Monday, 23 November 2009

Present Giving Rules 2009

Presents from the heart.. not Spar on Xmas Eve

We've all had moments of terror, panic and cold sweats when it comes to gift giving and especially at this time of year.

Christmas can be a stressful time and we place paramount important on gift giving. There are ALWAYS occassions when we are obliged to give to distant family members or frenemies and through gritted teeth we trudge to Superdrug or Burtons and buy utter tat for £5 and think 'That will do!'

I say, we should turn gift giving on it's head.

Here are my five rules for giving this christmas

1. Only buy presents for people you actually want to - be ruthless!
2. Don't leave it until Xmas eve, I doubt everyone in A&E will thank you for having a coronary at 10pm
3. See if family members would like to combine their money with yours for Mum/Dad presents, more money normally means less tat. Novelty socks are exactly that.. novelty for 5mins then crap
4. Do attempt decent wrapping, presents shouldn't look like they've come out of Santa's behind
5. Not got much money? Have a go at DIY presents.. a mix CD of someones favourite songs, biscuits, cakes, wine, a photograph album with pictures are all decent ideas and relatively cheap.

Here are some of my efforts at DIY presents..

Yes, my friend Amy John was 24 recently..

My friend Manda is a Twihard, so I made this fang-tastic DIY card

TB likes pie, no occasion other than tea... still a nice gesture me thinks.

Have a go yourself,

Love, SGS xoxo

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