Monday, 9 November 2009

To boo or not to boo?

Haka-ed off!

You may not know, but despite the pink, shoe-aholic posts and general girlyness, that SGS is actually a sports fan! I love rugby, being from Wales it's sort of impossible not too. From a very young age it is drummed into you that Welsh Rugby was golden in the 70s, Gerald Davies and JPR are Gods and has been on the downward slope ever since.

So I attended Wales v New Zealand in the Millennium Stadium to watch a game belonging to the Autumn Internationals. Even if you aren't a rugby fan then you may know that the New Zealand rugby team (or All Blacks) perform a Haka before the match.

The Haka is a Maori dance, a sort of call to arms before the battle commences and really is something worth watching.

The Haka is powerful and very meaningful for the All Blacks and rugby fans across the world love to see it! So this Saturday I was very much looking forward to seeing it live once more, sadly this was spoilt for me.

Some Welsh fans decided to boo the Haka which IMO is disgraceful. This is a tradition, something unique and was totally spoilt by idiots. Unfortunately I can't claim that this is the only time Wales has screwed up when it comes to showcasing the Haka.

In 2006 the AB's chose to perform the Haka in the changing rooms and not on the pitch before the game due to a request by the WRU to perform it in a different sequence... much to the fans annoyance.

So please, if you are a true rugby fan, respect other teams traditions off and on the pitch and remember booing is for idiots!

Love, SGS xoxo

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