Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bet you look good on the dancefloor?

When spandex isn't sexy...

After an elder person told me that she was gutted to have missed a night in a local club in Worcester it began me to dawn on me, what age is it unacceptable to go clubbing anymore?

Now taking the example of let's call her, Mrs. Robinson... she must be 50 (or there abouts) but dresses like she's 20.. is this too old?!

Mrs R has a clear penchant for looking tanned all year, leggings, highlights, red lipstick, knee high boots and figure hugging dresses. Unfortunately I think the incessant tanning has meant she looks a cross between Donatella Versace and a bull dog. In fairness she has a good figure and better legs than myself but would her child be happy in the knowledge that she could look across the dancefloor and she her dear mama dancing like Flashdance?!

Clubs these days are full of cardboard cut out size 0 blondes with body con dresses and metrosexuals in pink v necks, is there a place for the elders who haven't grown up?

People say age is just a number, but I think there are certain times in your life when acting like you are 20 when you are pushing 50 is just wrong. That's why clubs like Jumping Jacks and Lava Lounge were invented.. so that the over hill folk can stand around and at least feel part of the binge drink weekend culture.

So please Mrs R, find your comrades Donatella and Janice Dickinson and spend your weekends drinking G&T's and wearing clothes fit for 20 year olds.. but can you do it indoors?

Love, SGS xoxo

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