Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Video killed the fictional boyfriend

Lady GaGa has just released her new video for latest single 'Bad Romance' As you would imagine it has everything we have come to expect from the New York electro pop Princess.

OTT drama? weirdly dressed back up dancers? 15 costume changes? costumes that would make your nan blush? metal? product placement? 10 hairstyles? sequins? revenge plotting on bad boyfriends? general crazyness? a smoking corpse?

Check, check and check.

Whether you hate or love Lady GaGa you cannot deny that she is pushing the boundary of music videos once more. This video must have taken days to make with the costume and set changes alone. This girl knows what she wants and she gets it and I envy her creativeness.

Things I like

Costumes- she has the ear of friend and fashion designer Alexander McQueen who provides an outfit covered in dazzling multi-coloured rhinestones and uber massive platform shoes as seen in his 09 A/W collection.

Vunerability- there are shots of Lady GaGa without make up on, looking natural and it's good to see another side of her sans crazy makeup/hair.

Love SGS, xoxo

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