Sunday, 24 October 2010

Forgive me Blog Father...

It's been 23 days since my last post.

So it's been 23 days or 552 hours since my last blog post... pretty disgraceful huh?!

I wish I had a legitimate reason for why it's been so long, but all I can say is that I've been pretty much working my ass off and have not wanted to go near a computer after my days of staring at a screen. I find blogging a chance to vent my feelings and give anyone who cares to read it a chance to see what I like and what makes me tick. I've felt plenty of emotions in the last 23 days, yet not really had the time to type them up.

Please enjoy the following emotion examples:


  • I have completed a work project that was draining me of enthusiasm and happiness - Joy! 
  • I am no longer blonde and have changed to a light brown with blonde highlights for autumn.winter and my inner Lily Savage is furious
  • Despite the shite, TB (The Boy) remains a constant source of support and happiness
  • I have seen some great films - Worlds Greatest Dad and The Town
  • I mourn the loss of my good friend who passed away six years ago in October, the loss of him from my life still makes me very sad.
  • I have two terrible neighbours that live in the flat below, I have affectionately called them Mr and Mrs Shithead. They are the epitome of pikey lovers, they argue constantly during the hours of 12pm and 8am, they have a dog that barks, they play terrible music at unsociable hours (I now HATE Madness), smash windows and property and have no regard for anyone other than themselves. If they didn't make me increasingly angry and slightly depressed on a daily basis then I could maybe develop a screenplay about them, it would probably resemble Shameless, Cardiff style innit butt.
  • Willow Smith (mentioned in the previous blog post) is a frickin' genius and she's 9 years old... I adore her.

  • I have been freelancing for a while doing Events and Communications for a company in Cardiff which culminated in a conference last week. I think I made a good impression and something may come of it, for the first time in a long time I feel hopeful for my future career.

So there we have it, I will now endeavour to get this blog back on track...

Love always, SGS xoxo.

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