Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween: A chance to get your 'freak' on

I adore Halloween, a night where looking like a freak is perfectly acceptable. Hair and make up should be super scary and your outfit should be gruesome.

Fake blood, face paint and spider accessories should be a standard IMO.

Halloween of course is a chance for some girls to wear underwear as outerwear and put a pair of Devil or Cat ears on and generally look slutty. Turning Halloween into Whore - a - Ween... pffttt....

I will never be that girl, I want to scare, shock and get my 'freak' on. It's a chance to be somone/something else for one night and where the premise the scarier the better really works.

So this year I was a Corpse Bride, inspired by Tim Burton who totally understands Halloween and the horror genre. The general response I got was very positive, I posed for some photos with some girls (whore-a-ween variety) and freaked people out - great.

Aside from being jilted at the altar and being dead (yes, I have a back story) this Corpse Bride has no worries.. no work, bills, council tax, car issues or bad hair days.. I envy her.

So I relunctantly come back to the land of the living.... with no make up or wedding dress. Roll on next Halloween...

Love, SGS xoxo.

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