Monday, 22 November 2010

Things that make you go BOOM

Well I've had a busy BUT productive couple of weeks, hence the lack of blogs and plenty to get BOOM about.

I'll try and celebrate the BOOM in picture form, keep ya interested...


So, I have a new job! Yes! I can whinge no more.... (wonder how long that will last) but I take a firm step up on the career ladder as a Communication and Events Officer for a charity called Cylch. I'm a tad nervous but excited for a new challenge.

I'm hoping it will be more like this:

... than this:


Mr and Mrs Shithead aka: the terrible 'pikey love story' couple who live in Flat 7 downstairs (who permanently fight during 12pm - 6am) have recently not been so bad... until Saturday morning at 3am. Mr Shithead came in obviously after having a few flagons of White Lightening and starts banging around, slamming doors and throwing up all over his vest (what else do pikeys wear on a night out) and the toilet until about 6.30am.

So I decided to make his hangover 10 times worse when I got up. I jumped all around the bedroom floor, slammed doors and cranked up a bit of Fourtet and put the speakers on the floor... what makes Fourtet so perfect is that the tracks are instrumental and one even featured frenetic violins... Yesss... take that Mr S!


Myself and TB (The Boy) will be moving flats in December, where hopefully we will be much happier and not have terrible tenants or letting agencies to deal with... I can't take another version of Mr and Mrs Shithead. It's not healthy to wish death on people you barely know on a daily basis... so let's hope there's more of this.....

.... and less of this:

Love, SGS xoxo.

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