Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Tunes for a Tuesday feat. J-J-J-Jessie J

Jessie J does 'it' like a dude and sings like a lay-deh


Later with Jools Holland produces some gems when it comes to new music and I've found me a shiny one... Jessie J.

Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J is a 22 year old rude girl from Essex with raven hair - like Mystic Meg (I'm allowed to say that, look at the lady's Twitter). This girl has bags of attitude, style and a voice that Cheryl Cole would give her ridiculous hair weave for.

Jessie J sang 'Price Tag' from her forthcoming album acoustically and it blew me away, her voice is beyond powerful and she makes the performance look effortless.

She was on the Guardian's New Band of the Day who say that:

"That list of ones to watch in 2011 that we compiled the other day needs another addition – Jessie Cornish, alias Jessie J. We're not necessarily saying we like her, but we sense from her powerhouse of a voice and her hugely commercial songs that she is going to be massive. People in this country love big strong voices that hit high notes and blast you with hurricane force, and Jessie J's is one of those. And she can do it live, that other national preoccupation: it works unadorned, it doesn't need machines to make it sound "good".
What I also LOVE about this girl is that she wrote 'Party in the USA' for Miley Cyrus... I can finally admit that I love it, with a credible explanation, it was a previous Guilty Pleasure on this Blog. So THANK YOU Jessie J.

Watch these videos and let your ears be happy - BOOM!

The debut single 'Do It Like A Dude' is released in the UK on January 2nd, 2011. You'd be a sucka and a dirty muthaf**ker not to buy it.

Love, SGS xoxo.

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