Monday, 8 February 2010

Heroes and Villains.. is there a fine line?

From England Captain to Captain Controversy

If you have you been in a coma in the last two weeks, then you could be excused from not knowing even the slightest detail about John Terry's blunder that has ultimately cost him his England captaincy.

So John Terry, a footballer, notably England and Chelsea Captain cheats on his wife with a French lingerie model... hardly shocking is it? So why then, have the media lept on the story?! For the past two weeks we have been inundated with reports on Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and 10 o clock news bulletins. Radio news bulletins have kept us upto date with the story, as has the internet and of course the newspapers.

What makes this story so newsworthy? The lingerie model in question is a former team mate of Terry's partner who he has a child with, and a team mate in the England squad. Finally, we get to the crutch.. scandal. An affair might've had a weeks solid coverage, but add a dash of scandal and we a get a non stop barrage of media reporting.

So apparently on TalkSport (according to TB) they were asking the question whether Terry was a role model? Some argued that he was not seen as a role model, which IMO is tosh. Of course he is, his behaviour on and off the pitch is thrust into the spotlight by the media. Kids will see Terry as a hero, possibly copy his hair, buy his endorsed products, why wouldn't they view his behaviour as another copyable trait? Yes, I can have a former model wife, live in a big house, drive a convertible, drink too much, gamgle thousands of pounds and sleep with models and the best part is.. I can get away with it!

So I'm glad that England Manager Fabio Capello has correctly punished his behaviour, an affair is never nice and to think he may have alienated team mates in the dressing room amid the start of the World Cup campaign is simply seen in Capello's eyes as inexcusable.

Haven't we since this before though?

David Beckham's infamous kick to an Argentian player during a World Cup game made him a hate figure around the country, effergies were burnt, posters ripped up and death threats made. The media again lept on the story and yet he was forgiven and a penalty kick righted all the wrongs.

I'm pretty sure this will have a positive outcome for Terry, he will be liked again and seen as a hero. This story will never leave him, yet won't damage him completely.

Perhaps the fine line of Villain to Hero can be crossed over again.

Love, SGS xoxo.

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