Thursday, 11 February 2010

Youth In Revolt- what's the baddest thing you've done?

Is it good to ever be bad?

I saw Youth In Revolt last night with TB and mostly enjoyed it. In a nutshell, Michael Cera plays himself shy, awkward, smart and dry humoured in a dysfunctional family who meets a kindred spirit with in a girl with very religious parents and a penchant for al things French. She likes him but he realises he needs to step up and become Francois, the fictional French husband she craves with a bad side in order to truly win her affections and beat his rival.

So Francois leads MC in a quest of revolt, mainly against his parents and wrecks their cars, starts a massive fire, sneaks into his girlfriends boarding school and gets her expelled by having a school mate slip sleeping tablets in her morning coffee.

Of course this is a film so incidents are dramatised and somehow diluted down into, ahh it's not that bad is it? Yet we've all done bad things in our lifetime, maybe cheated, stole, lied or even lit a fire or two. Surely not a bad thing right?!

I have always considered myself to be a good kid, never giving my parents too much grief and last night got me thinking about some of my worst behaviour.
I once was so angry with my mother, I destroyed her beaded necklace shed bought by biting through the cord 6/10 Pretty bad.
I persuaded my friend to put her goldfish in the sink and flat out lied to her mother that it was wasn't my idea, she cried :( 7/10
I got my friend really drunk and told her mother she had done it herself, and told mine that it was her idea 8/10

Hardly hardcore is it? No police chasing or pyrotechnics, but suggests I am no saint. Sometimes it is good to be bad, just a little bad. Not paying for a train ticket once in a while, getting £5 out of your mothers purse or even staying out all night.

Have a go, be bad ;)

Love, SGS xoxo

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