Friday, 29 January 2010

Naughty.. Naughty Blogger... Bad SGS!!

Out in the cold

So... who's been a bad girl?! I have....

I have not blogged since Monday and with no excuse like Christmas or dreaded New Year to fall back on then I can only apologise... hopefully the image of the cute dog left out in the freezing cold should warm your hearts to me.

This week has been a strange one with lots of decisions, factors and choices to think about and it makes me realise as you get older the choices you make become more and more important. I'm struggling now to deal with choices now and I haven't even got kids (shudders) to think about!

Sometimes, when I let my mind wander and I may display a glazed over look and be drooling slightly to the onlooker I revert back to when tough choices involved.. shall I wear the black or blue jeans to the youth disco? With my pocket money shall I buy a burger and fries or burger and drink at McDonalds? Life seemed so uncomplicated back then and the choices seem irrelevant now, but back then.. these were big decisions.

So I will try to keep calm, focused and concentrate on the things that matter the most.. not let the little things muddle in and confuse me.

The blog will resume its normal duty next week :) thanks for sticking with me.

Lots of Love, SGS xoxo

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