Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Blog Sandwich Day

You take the bread, the spread, the ham...

Fellow readers, SGS is off for a vacation (sadly not a staycation) to New York on Thursday morning when everyone else will be tucked up in bed. Am I excited?! I certainly am, not bottle of pop excited yet but I can feel my spiritual home calling me.

So in light of my fabulous trip I will combine some of my Blog features in today's post.. so you don't miss out :)

Let's start with..

Tunes for a Tuesday

I blame Coco - Caesar

Coco is the daughter of Sting and Trudi.. the star couple that literally bang on about having tantric sex, how unfortunate for her. Unlike other siblings that have famous parents and seem to f*** up their lives (think Chloe Madeley crashing her car when drunk) Coco has a beautiful voice and Caesar is a great record. Apparently she's been working on her album since she was 15 and with the help of a Swedish producer and pop pixie Robyn I'm sure she'll do great things in 2010.

Owl City - Fireflies

"Fireflies" is a single released early in 2009 by Owl City. Adam Young wrote and produced the track for Owl City's second album, Ocean Eyes. It has had massive chart success and reached Number 1 in several countries, and looks set to do the same in the UK. Adam describes his sound as synth-pop and I certainly seem to be riding on a wave of butterscotch pop when listening to it.

Guilty Pleasure - The word 'fugly'

I first encountered the word 'fugly' after watching the epic movie, Mean Girls. You may be wondering what it actually means, so I'll break it down for ya..

F****** + Ugly = Fugly

Two insulting words rolled into one.. genius!! So Lindsay Lohan, before she became a complete arse, plays the new kid in a High School with a cafeteria full of cliches- Jocks, Nerds etc and with the outsider kids (a Goth and a fat gay guy) plans to take down the pack of Mean (but ultimately popular) Girls. They have a burn book where they write horrible things about students and teachers including calling girls "Fugly Sluts"... excellent.. whats not to love?!

In this clip, Head Mean Girl, Regina George goes ape...

Nuff Love

1. Two insulting words rolled into one, saves on time and oxygen usage
2. Can get away with saying it infront of those who don't approve of swearing- eg. Parents, Priests, Jesus....

Nuff Hate

1. It's totally childish... as insults go it's down there with "I'm telling your smelling"
2. Fugly is a REALLY American word, which lets face it, us Brits find annoying.

Fashion Fix erm Tuesday (normally Friday)

Headbands quickly became a must-have acessory of 2009 and I still haven't had my fill. Brilliant for adding a touch of va-va voom to a boring outfit and look pretty in hair up or down. Admittedly some of the hairband fashion I couldn't get my head around, namely the fake plait band which some girls chose to wear in a different shade to their own hair.. fugly!!

Here are two of the best on the net

Feathered headband on black velvet - ASOS £63

Feathers in fashion are hot, hot, hot right now! Combining them with a headband?! Genius... love this headband. The brilliant blues and greens makes a bold statement, meaning you can wear a black outfit and have instant x-factor. Pricey? Yes.. Gorgeous.. Yes.

Eugenia Kim Liliana Headband ASOS £58

Think Hollywood glamour, Bette Davies, Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo.. these are the images this headband conjures up with me. This beautiful pleated headband oozes that retro glamour feel, and I could just imagine any one of the Hollywood greats wearing it. I think this has the potential to be dressed up or down and for the price tag, as a special treat is definitely worth the money.

Well I hope your week ahead is prosperous, and take care in the snow.. pink plaster casts only look cool when you are 7. Undoubtedly your week won't be as good as mine, I am off to one of the best cities in the world but enjoy it anyway.

Til I return my lovelies...

Love, SGS xoxo

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