Thursday, 3 December 2009

All that glitters.. is Silver!

Second place, doesn't win the race...

I know how she feels.... lets face it, we don't enter things to lose do we?!

Do we enter the Lottery just to find we are one number away from a tenner? No.. we want the millions!! Would we want to enter our baby into a Cutest Baby contest just to say we have taken part and had fun? No... we want the judges to say our baby is an adonis...

So why in competitions are there generally 3 medals up for grabs, Gold, Silver and Bronze? Surely it's to award competitors for their hard work, dedication and commitment on a fair level, how rubbish would it be just to see one person on the podium all the time?!

For me, applying for jobs has now become a competition.. I am competing against sometimes hundreds of people for 1 job. At the moment the competition has reached Liger* standards of fierce (*see Napoleon Dynamite for ref Lion + Tiger), factoring in older competitors with more experience, something that can't be bought or indeed taught. It's basically the Alphas vs young cubs.

So the first hurdle is getting the interview, from then on its a battlefield. You have one opportunity to convince the people on the interview panel that you are what they are looking for, the cherry on their cake. You can second guess what you will be asked and prepare beforehand, but somehow theres always at least one curve ball in there.. just to let you know you are the carcus and not the Liger.

Today I was told that I came second for a job, now second out of maybe 6 or more candidates isn't at all bad really.. yet it's not good enough! From the feedback it sounded like a classic case of Alpha vs Cub eyeing up the prize and like always, the Alpha wins.

Unlike other competitions I do not get a bunch of flowers or a medal but what I must take from this is that I am almost there... I need to keep chasing these jobs and believing that I am good enough to one day see that gold medal hung around my neck and know I can feed off the carcus too..

Love, SGS xoxo

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