Friday, 18 December 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Werthers Originals- Shouldn't like them but I do...

To me, these sweets are buttery drops of heaven!! Just look at the advert too... it exudes love from every angle! I hope I'm very special too....

Nuff love

1. Taste amazing- a melted butter sweet, what more could you ask for?
2. Individally wrapped in gold paper.. so special
3. Makes you feel warm inside

Nuff hate

1. It is unacceptable to purchase them if you are under 60
2. The advert lies... that Grandpa is sort of creepy
3. On the street these sweets have no cred, against the fruit pastilles and wine gums these sweets are feminine...

Tough, I still like them....

Love SGS, xoxo

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