Monday, 28 December 2009

Merry Christmas... My arse!

I'm no Jim Royale.. honest!!

So... I haven't been on here for quite a long time.. apologies! What can I say?! Christmas time for me involves numerous social activities including consuming the wine you only EVER drink in the festive period - mulled and copious amounts of food in the same category (Cheeselets and Twiglets)! Infact I can probably give Shamu, the giant killer whale from Free Willy a good run for his money on the scales!

It may be late but with all the sincerity I can muster as the zip on my jeans refuses to close, Merry Christmas! I hope you have had a good one.. I definitely did!

Christmas Day resembled a soup kitchen as the small space was turned into a military style zone, stuffing, chipolatas and veg thrown about as we tried to turn the dinner around for 1pm.. it totally paid off. The dinner was lush, and I felt not a shred of sympathy for the turkey that according to my mother weighed '"twice as much as I did at birth".

Infact as many households are, we are still devouring Trevor the turkey, curry yesterday and as part of the bizarre Christmas eating pattern I have embraced, pie for breakfast.

I hope to resume normal service on here pronto, and once again I hope you are enjoying the festivities.

Love, SGS xoxo

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