Thursday, 10 December 2009

I dreamed a dream...

Are dreams the key to Ker-ching?!

I woke up this morning around 6am after having a dream.... so what? you may say, well my dreams have always been vivid.. but the dream I had was exceptionally vivid. I was looking at it as if I were behind a camera capturing the moment, and it was beautiful and in my dream I cried.

I'll call it a scene, because in my head thats what it reminded me of. I saw different shots, visual effects and it didn't feature anyone I know. I knew the characters, the plot, the way it should look and I felt compelled to write it down. So like a loony I went downstairs, got a pad and pen and sat on the loo...

So I'll set the scene for you...

It's a small town in America, mid 80s and Avery a young man with curly hair and a headband feels the need to see his father who lives in a static home. He gets on his bike and cycles to his dads home, he opens the door to find his dad standing in the kitchen staring at a pair of diamond drop earrings that are placed on a shelf by the stove. Avery inwardly sighs because he knows the questions that his dad will ask him, because his dad asks him the same questions, at the same time every day.

His Dad looks at him and asks, "Where's your Mom"?

Avery replies, "Dad, Mom died 10 years ago... she left the earrings on the shelf the night she died, it's where she always put them".

His Dad begins to well up with tears, and says "That's right, where's Lucie?"

Avery replies, "She died too on the same night".

His Dad begins to sob heavily and puts his head down, and today Avery begins to sob too and says, "Dad I know that you don't see me every day, or talk to me every day but I love you".

I also knew that Avery's Dad was either suffering from dementia or refused to remember day to day events to block out the pain. So every day at 4pm he calls Avery to ask him to come over and asks him the same 2 questions and doesn't recall ever seeing Avery.

I want to write a short story... even a script but I know that this is just a pipe dream at the moment. Do the outcome of dreams ever result in anything tangible?

The prime example is that of Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight Saga novels. Her dream of a beautiful male vampire sparkling in the sunlight, having a conversation with an ordinary human girl in a meadow sparked a series of four international best selling novels, two box office smash movies and has made her a millionaire. Not bad for a stay at home Mom from Arizona!

Anyone can dream, buy can they be turned into something more? I'll try to find out..

Love, SGS xoxo

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