Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Eclipse released tonight at 00.00 - Excitement in pictures

Eclipse, the third move from the hugely popular Twilight movie franchise is released to American audiences tonight at 00.00 (lucky b*****s) and is set to be the best one yet.

Top 1: From the very first poster release I have been salivating around my stick on fangs for this film. Bella played by Kristen Stewart stands in the centre of Vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen to the left (Robert Pattinson) and Werewolf best friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). The image is a powerful indication of the direction of the plot in the third installment of author Stephenie Meyer's bestseller four book saga, where Bella must make a choice that will ultimately change her life forever.

2: Much focus throughout the series has been on the two main stars K-Stew and R-Pattz, affectionately known to the fans. Their off screen relationship has been intensely scrutinised as the chemistry between the pair has been duly noted by the media and Twihards. "Are they? or aren't they?" has been the question du jour for the thirsty (pun intended) media but amid pregnancy and rift rumours the pair have stayed tight lipped. Whatever the off screen relationship might be between them, the onscreen chemistry is set to sizzle as the sexier but PG rated side of Twilight is unleashed in Eclipse.

3: Kristen Stewart's relationship with the media and the red carpet has been a particularly bumpy, she has been openly criticised for being surly and unresponsive during interviews and frown-tastic on the red carpet. 2010 in particular I've seen a change in the starlet, who appears to have taken a new interest in fashion and is more at ease with the media and in front of the camera. Kristen has been noted as best dressed contender for the 2010 Oscars and her dresses and shoes have been ahead of the pack. 

4: Kristen could be described as a 'method' actress and cut her long brown locks into a shaggy black mullet to play feisty punk rocker Joan Jett in film 'Cherry Bomb' depicting the rise of 'The Runaways' earlier this year. Luckily the mullet and goth black dye grew out and now K Stew has hit a fashion home run and dyed her hair a washed red with blonde highlights, simply stunning. Here she is before going onto the David Letterman Show in NYC, with a fantastic braided up do with a gorgeous new colour - BOOM!

5: Lights, Camera, ACTION. English Director David.A.Slade was brought into the Twilight franchise to carry the torch on Eclipse, a natural choice given the darker, more adult content of the story. Slade has directed Muse videos, alternative rock videos and received acclaim for his direction of small budget but hard hitting film 'Hard Candy' and the comic book to film '30 Days of Night' where the vampires were hardly in lust, more like blood lust. The newborn vampire v Cullen vampires/werewolves is a particularly big scene in the book and the translation to the big screen simply had to make a big impact. Slade's experience of CGI and artistic use of camera angles have made the preview clips of the fight scenes very tasty indeed.

I have tickets booked for Sunday and I can feel the excitement bubbling under my core as I anticipate this to be the best movie of the franchise to date....

Fingers and fangs crossed, SGS xoxo.

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