Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Why I'm switching off the World Cup and turning on Wimbledon

Pimms over pints

On one hand I'm a girly girl, love my products, hair, blah.. on the other I enjoy watching the brutality of a rugby game - the intensity, competition, passion, big tackles and spectacular breaks. I enjoy watching many sports and enjoy competitive elite competitions and seeing athletes at their physical peak achieve things I could only ever dream of.

So why am I not enjoying the World Cup?

I just find watching 22 men kicking a ball around a field in shiny shirts and too long shorts beyond boring. It's not just the game itself that doesn't fire my synapses into an electric frenzy it's the politics off the field, the players wages, morals and the 'hype' surrounding what they call 'the beautiful game'.

So sadly this World Cup is not making me feel anything in particular, luckily the brave Knight in shiny armour come to salvage my retinas is Wimbledon.

I adore tennis, pip-pip, and I can still remember the feeling of elation when I had my first electric blue Wilson racket at 10 years old. My bestie and I joined a tennis club in the summer and we played every other day and developed horrible tan lines but we loved learning how to hit the ball on the forehand and the backhand and even managed a weak, girly serve after 3 weeks.

I really wish I'd stuck at it, as far as I remember school resumed and we just want to back to playing hockey and netball outdoors and badminton when it rained, tennis sadly, was off the menu. 

Wimbledon is just great, the best male and female tennis players in the world compete in a tournament full of history and prestige. The surroundings in Wimbledon are just beautiful, the courts green and lush and the backdrop is the London skyline.. just beautiful. Sure there are plenty of toffs and rather rich people but we still see the normals on 'Henman Hill' and it's a sport everyone can engage in.

I am an Andy Murray supporter and I want him to do well because you can see how much he has developed as a player, what worries is me is that the media always turn Wimbledon into a frenzy of getting a 'British Champion' because as we all know the last fella to win at Wimbledon was Fred Perry in 1936. 1936?!.... jeez... that's ages ago but we fail to remember is that Murray is still relatively young, still developing, getting experience and is up against people who appear to have born with a racket in their hand eg. Federer and Nadal. Lay off the lad and let him enjoy his tennis, we can fist pump in support and shout his name, but just don't expect victory as a given.

I heart <3 tennis

Lastly I love tennis because it's a game, minus doubles, that because it's an individual sport relies on the player being able to motivate themselves and pick themselves up from bad play. Time and time again matches have been won and lost because you can see a player either mentally and physically crumble or literally gather strength from somewhere to get out of the funk and win the match.

So, COME ON MURRAY..... be great if you won, but let's get to to the 1/4s first yeh?

Love, SSGS xoxo

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