Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I'm a freakin' one armed bandit

Day 15 and the sling remains, we had a falling out on day 11 and I wore a blue one, but after a 'girl to girl' chat* we've reunited as it faithfully supports my right arm

So what's new in the sling world? Well, got told today it is to stay on for another 2 weeks so 6 in total. I was hoping it was 4 weeks but the surgery I've had means it has to be 6... eurghhh.

The good news you ask?

My dressing has come off my wound... hell yes! It's ripped half my tan off but it's finally off, the very thing that caused people to gawp at me in the street. The wound itself was glued, yes glued I tell you :) so the scar after some intense bio oil and moisturiser sessions might actually look a little less Frankenstein than I thought.

Positive Sling Fact #1:

The sling is a fantastic aid for shop lifting, just pop purchases under the arm and then claim any wrong doing on the cocktail of painkillers.

I am of course joking, and still on medication.....hahahahahahaha......

Love, SGS xoxo.

*clearly the sling is female - rubs me up the wrong way, constant, belligerent, likes to wear all black.

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