Tuesday, 29 June 2010



It don't mean a thing if you aint got that sling

I was told last week that I'm definitely in this stifling polyester monstrosity for 6 weeks, so as of tomorrow that's another 3 weeks in total to go. 

With the very unlikely gorgeous weather we've been having it has a been strain. The sun and slings just simply don't mix, you know a bit like chilli and chocolate...

Sun v Sling dilemmas

1. Constant warmth - whatever you wear and whatever you do, you are guaranteed to feel the heat (unless you stand directly in front of a fan). Sweat is now your closest companion, and let's face it, who want's sweat as a friend?! My sling is black too :( it absorbs heat TO O well.

2. Sling tan - I love to top up my tan, I'm more the au natural type than tanning beds or St Tropez and this glorious sun presents me with a serious tan line problem. From the picture above you can see the obvious concern, a thick untanned section on your chest area and lower arm. So I have been slightly cheating and getting my arm out (*hopes physio doesn't read blog) whilst sunbathing.

3. It's fugly - This black material contraption ruins any attempt I make at looking decent on a summers days. It joyfully envelops my pretty summer dresses, distracts from white and light coloured tops and kills my chances of looking smart. So now I'm sticking to black tops and shorts... eurggh.

Rant over, thanks for even attempting to read my 'sorry for myself' blog posts surrounding the phenomenon that is 'SLING WATCH'.

Love, S(linged)SGS xoxo

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