Friday, 18 June 2010


One arm is better than none - or so they say

So here I am, day 10, still in a sling and bodysuit, about to join the circus and delusional from medication...

The past couple days I've been out and about, well walking around Neath town centre anyway, to keep me active and sane (despite CoCodomol trying to turn me in to the Mad Hatters Wife) and I've noticed some prejudice when it comes to sling wearers. Good and bad.

The good:

* I got to enter the wrong side of the self check-out in Morrisons, I got a mock telling off from the staff then an 'Awww' as I'm asked to regale my story of the sling 1-0

* I got offered a seat on a packed bus but  gave it away to an elderly lady who got on at the next stop (Mother Teresa, move over) 2-0

* People swerve to avoid me on the high street like I am some kind of plague victim which allows me greater room to navigate  3-0

The bad:

* I get stared at frequently, with a mixture of sympathy, disgust, pity and confusion  3-1

* Aisles are not my friend, one lady in Marks and Spencers in a mad dash attempt to get at the tinned minced beef almost took my sling off in one swoop... luckily my awareness of danger has increased so I literally jumped out the way 3-2

* You become a magnet to those annoying 'Accident Claims' people - one of them made a direct line to talk to me today, luckily I had shades on and pretended to be Spanish.'Paella? Si Si nay comprende' 3-3

* The repetition of the questions, 'How did you do that love?' being common... Am starting to concoct ridiculous stories as answers - 'Shark attack in Bali, Alligator wrestling in Oz and Possum attack' being my favourite 4-3

I conclude, wearing a sling SUCKS but I've got a long way to go... until next time.

Love, S(linged)SGS xoxo

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