Thursday, 20 May 2010

GaGa + Glee = Ecstatic Me

There have been some fabulous combinations in recent years...

Ant + Dec, Reggae Reggae sauce + Subway, Kenan + Kel, Milli + Vanilli and Kate Moss + Topshop.

However, there is something so special about the next combination because if there is only one thing I love more than Glee and Lady GaGa it's Glee and Lady GaGa together.

On May 24th the Glee cast pay homage to the Queen of Pop and Avante -Garde (sod off Britney) Lady Gaga, 9pm on E4.

This union is extra special for me because I do LOVE them both. Glee is a ray of sunshine on an otherwise glum and painful Monday night and well GaGa... she inspired to me to go blonder and have a fringe you know.

The recent Madonna episode of Glee was genius, the production on Glee is always top notch but they took it too a whole new level for this episode. The songs, choreography and storyline was superb and Sue Sylvester's portrayal as Madonna in a shot for shot copy of 'Vogue' will hold a special place in my heart for a long time.

I have high hopes for the GaGa episode, and although there are already videos and the songs are climbing the iTunes chart at a terrific pace... I am waiting for it cold turkey, no videos or clips. I will not substitute for the real stuff, the sweet, sweet injection of pure Glee + GaGa directly into my corneas and eardrums on Monday night.... Arghhh I need a fix.

Not watched Glee before? Think it's stupid? Well, why not watch Monday's and tell me you didn't enjoy the production of at least one of the songs... you'll be a Gleek and a Little Monster in no time.

Ra ra ra ah ah - Ro ma Ro ma mah - Ga Ga Oooh la la - Want your Bad Romance*

Love, SGS xoxo

* For those that think I might have a had a stroke and fallen on the keyboard, it's actually Bad Romance by Lady GaGa - get with it!

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