Friday, 14 May 2010

Boo hoo shoe: (Not) keeping the Faith

Lately, do you ever get the feeling you're in the midst of a horror movie when you're in some shopping centres?! There's an eerie quiet, a few people pottering around and shop fronts are shuttered or covered with '50% OFF SALE', 'CLOSING DOWN' and 'LAST FEW DAYS'. I'm just waiting for some knife wielding crazy person run towards me (I have an over active imagination).

The economic downturn has hit retailers hard over the past few years and sadly some brands and stores just haven't weathered the storm.

Fashion stores in particular have been hit pretty hard in the retail world. USC, Elvi, d2, Adams, Barratts, Bay Trading, Qube have all closed their stores. In 2009, Fashion Group, Mosaic, who owned Oasis and Warehouse went into administration but luckily were saved and remain on the High Street today.

So as I walked into a fairly busy Swansea shopping centre today the familiar shop front window caught my attention.... '20% OFF ALL STOCK' was plastered on posters on the windows and rather than a knife wielding pyscho, there were some glum looking shop assistants and racks of shoes. Faith footwear retailers are set to be the next shopping chain to be axed from the High Street after going into administration.

I felt so sad looking at the shoes, prices marked down and looking for a home... yes, I do seem mad but I absolutely LOVE shoes and do feel a bond to some of my mine - blame SATC, not me!

Debenhams may look to buy Faith to broaden it's footwear range but until then, go to your nearest and Faith store and give a pair of shoes a home... you  know you need them ;)

Love, SGS xoxo

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