Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Guilty Pleasures

So wrong that it's so right. This week.... Jersey Shore

So ever since MTV first aired the adverts for Jersey Shore I was totally reeled in. I love trashy TV, not quite Jeremy Kyle standards but The Hills, Made, Laguna Beach and Girls of the Playboy Mansion have me hooked. I have deep guilt about enjoying these programmes, like eating a whole Easter egg and then hiding the packaging as your stomach churns and you chastise yourself for liking such crap.

This is total trash TV, thanks MTV!!!

How can I describe Jersey Shore?

Well.... there are 4 girls an 4 guys, all Italian-American or Guido or Guidettes as they call themselves. They are the brownest, most self deluded and egotistical people I think I have ever seen on TV. I'm pretty sure of the boys (Ronnie) is a roid head, one of them (Pauly D) uses more hair gel than Jedward and all the girls have zero fashion sense- think Pilot or Jane Norman!

The gang have a house in Jersey Shore to themselves for the summer and all they want to do is get down and dirty (even the ones with boyfriends), have fun, get browner and totally show off for a couple of months.

Favourite Guidos/Guidettes

So far its Mike 'The Situation' yes, that's right he's nicknamed himself that.. "If you don't love the situation, I'll make you love the situation".

Snooki... who on the first night got totally wasted and tried to get on all the guys in the hot tub in her bra and thong.. ewww and is about 4ft 10 (I identify with shorties).

To my absolute delight they 'hook up' in an upcoming episode.... in the hot tub of all places... how sanitary of them.

To fully understand the Guidette way of life, I pimped myself using a game, yes I am that sad... Holllahhhh!

Love, SGS xoxo

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