Monday, 22 March 2010

Compliments v Insults.. theres a fine line

When does a compliment blur with an insult?

Saturday night I was out with my friends in Swansea and had this remark said to me,

"You look like Victoria Wood"

Would you take that as a compliment as an insult? When do the two blur?

So who told me this? Well it was a man, probably around 60 with a baseball cap on, scruffy shirt and pint in hand... one of the 'special' people who make an appearance on a Saturday night.

I mean surely that statement is not a compliment right?! Was I tinkering at a piano at the time whilst reciting amusing lyrics? or dressed up as a dinner lady talking in a Northen accent? I certainly wasn't, considering the age gap and the fact the only shared physical feature is blonde hair, I can't imagine where that comment came from.I don't know in what context the man meant it, insult or compliment it's the only comparison to Victoria Wood I've ever had... and hopefully the last.

It really did make me laugh a lot but it has got me thinking about when we use a compliment to really insult someone. Girls in particular are good at this... "Thats a nice dress" whilst contorting their face into a fake smile (dead behind the eyes) and in the tone of if they'd just swallowed battery acid. I hate it! Don't say anything if you can't be nice!

I am guilty of doing it though I must admit, normally to people who I haven't got a clue what to say to or to people who I think are slightly idiotic. Like "Oh, so you met your girlfriend on World of Warcraft?! Thats, um, great" whilst shifting nervously from foot to foot and praying that person doesn't catch on to my obvious disgust.

So my advice would be to take the time to pay someone a compliment when you really mean it and try to avoide telling people they look like Victoria Wood.

Love, SGS xoxo

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