Monday, 29 March 2010

Hitchhiking.. thumbs up? thumbs down?

Would you pick this guy up?

Maybe I have watched too many films but the thought of picking up a hitchhiker literally sends a shiver down my spine.

Infact there are numerous horror films entitled 'The Hitchhiker' and even films that aren't specifically attached to the horror genre feature grizzly hitchhiker moments for both parties. 'Crash' for example, Ryan Phillipe's good cop turned paranoid/confused cop, picks up an actually non insane hitchhiker and shoots him after being paranoid the kid was pulling out a gun... great. In 'Something About Mary' Ted (Ben Stiller) stops for a hitchhiker who eventually leads to him a truckstop with a hive of homosexual activity...ick!

I rarely do see hitchhikers, and when I do I always wonder the persons back story... how come they are hitchhiking? where are they from? are those clothes recycled? do they have innate homicidal tendencies? Interestingly I notice there seem to be far more males than females waggling their thumps up at passing traffic. Would I stop for a girl? a pregnant lady? an old lady? I'd certainly think twice before passing.

So there we have it, films have given me a negative conotation of hitchhikers... so what did I do after seeing a man hitchhiking on the slip road this morning? Sped on by and looked the other way of course... I sort of like my head attached to my body!

Sorry hitchhikers... thumbs firmly down!

Love, SGS xoxo

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