Friday, 5 March 2010

Cardiff goes GaGa for one night only

Lady GaGa, she came, had 10 costume changes, sung her lungs out and felt up her dancers... amazing

Cardiff transformed into a sea of glitter, lace and platinum blonde wigs as Lady GaGa rolled into the city on March 3rd to take to the stage at CIA for her sold out The Monster Ball Tour.

So what did I expect?

I certainly expected a mountain of costume changes, fake blood, a monstrous sea creature and GaGa on top singing and dancing form and the lady didn't dissapoint.

GaGa kicked off the show in a purple leotard and belted out 'Dance in the dark' from The Fame Monster album and from there began a relentless almost 2 hours of narrative, singing, dancing, sea monsters and slightly odd annecdotes.

Highlights for me included just GaGa and a piano as she sang a beautiful rendition of 'Speechless' and 'Brown Eyes', it's then you truly appreaciate the fact she can really sing. Her vocals are impeccible and what Madonna and Britney have to make up for with huge stage production, GaGa can obliterate with her voice.

For true GaGa fans the concert is a blend of pure pop/art pleasure and hits like 'Just Dance', 'Paparazzi' and 'Pokerface' were the ultimate crowd pleasers. Before you could say 'I'm a free bitch baby' GaGa had finally found the Monster Ball, set her friends free and ended with a spectacular version of 'Bad Romance'.

What charmed me the most about Lady GaGa was her sincerity, she seemed genuinely awed that the venue was packed out and happy to be able to perform for her fans.

So I may have packed the falsh eyelashes and lace gloves away, but I will always be her Little Monster.

Love, SGS xoxo

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