Monday, 23 August 2010

Carry on camping

The great oudoors to most conjures the image of fresh air, greenery, tall trees, cute woodland creatures, walking, nature and general well being.

Camping is of course part of this and is again widely seen as a tranquil way to enjoy the best of nature and relax, forgetting the pressures of modern society perfectly exuded in this image:

This view is sadly a tad lost of me, and all I can picture is this:

Ok, so that's an image from the Glastonbury Festival but you catch my drift.

Rain, mud, wind, clammy, wellingtons, dirt and uncleanliness - we don't really see eye to eye.

So how do you think I will fare when I visit Snowdonia in North Wales this weekend? Myself, The Boy (TB) and TB's mum and dad are going up there on Friday pm until Sunday. I will be walking up Snowdon and hopefully frequenting the local pubs and shops.

We will be camping, I haven't camped outdoors since I was 15 so I am nervous about how I will respond to this. I'm not good with being cold, uncomfortable or having light in the room as I sleep... don't stand a chance do I?!

Well this is my attempt of being a good girlfriend and being more positive and embracing (slightly) the things TB really enjoys. Would I prefer a weekend in London trawling Covent Garden shops? Of course I would, but theres a little thing of compromise to consider.

So here's to being more positive about being outdoors (minus Bears, they can smell menstruation you know)

Love, SGS xoxo.

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