Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tunes on a Tuesday

This Tuesday I'm gonna 'get down on it' to these beauties.....

The Pretty Reckless - Miss Nothing

Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Humphrey from bitch fest US TV show 'Gossip Girl' is fronting a rock band, didn't you know? I featured the first track from The Pretty Reckless on this blog a couple of months ago, 'Make me wanna die' featured Taylor growling like an old hand to a rock backing track - I loved it. Here is the second single and 17 year old Taylor shows us her new found penchant for nude basques, suspenders and hooker shoes - her mum must be so proud.

Magnetic Man - I need air

This track by Magnetic Man is Radio 1 ALL THE TIME, so it must be cool... it certainly is. Magnetic Man is a live electronic music project consisting of dubstep producers and DJs Skream, Benga and Artwork. This single reached Number 10 in the UK charts last Sunday and with the combined airplay and championing by Radio 1 DJs I'm sure it's going to reach new peaks by next week.

The Hoosiers - Choices

The Hoosiers have forgotten about Ray and come back with a bang or an electro beat with new single Choices. The three piece have changed theit sound, not that the old one was bad, and it works for them. Taking inspiration from the current influx of electro/synth pop into the charts their new sound reminds me of Alphabeat + Erik Hassle + Sia = Good record.

Sky Ferreria - One

So this isn't the video - you can download that here. Not only is Sky talented but 18 and bloody gorgeous too and looks like she's walked out of 90210 or at a push Hollyoaks (too pretty for that really). Sky is a Portuguese-American singer–songwriter and actress from Los Angeles. She is currently working with Paul Epworth, Bloodshy & Avant, Dallas Austin, Linda Perry, and more on her debut album to be released on January 11, 2011 - is just me sick with jealousy?! Awesome track.

Love, SGS xoxo

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