Thursday, 19 August 2010

Fortune favours the brave, well I must be a chicken s**t

I have been a bad blogger, yet again...

Unfortunately at this moment I seem to repel technology and good fortune. So far this month these events have occured to me:
  • downloaded a virus on my laptop (getting fixed)
  • home phone was broken (got replaced)
  • Broadband and telephone signal not working (now fixed)
  • reversed into a skip and smashed the rear windscreen of my car and dented boot door (windscreen replaced, not thinking about dent)
  • got flashed by strange member of the public (was not attacked, told police and just slightly emotionally scarred)
So as you can imagine I have had no laptop, no internet and no means of using my i-phone to update and although Broadband is fixed, my laptop remains poorly and infected with porn etc.

There are many things I have wanted to blog post about: new music I'm liking including Katy B, films I've seen - Going the distance, fashion - circle lenses as featured on Lady GaGa and the Robsten/Kribert kiss in Montreal.

So I think I might just briefly upload some links etc to convey this weeks likes in audio/picture format.



'Going the distance'


Circle lenses to recreate GaGa's bad romance are causing a stir

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - proof they're a couple?!

Love, SGS xoxo

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