Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Good luck vd Bad Luck

Yesterday was a truly odd day, what went from good luck in the morning (very tempting/exciting offer of new employment) spiralled into a frenzy of bad unfortunate events....

1. I went to buy some new work shoes from M&S (black, patent, heels, drool) and realised that I had left my bank card in my going out bag I used on Saturday night. I had no cash and no cards, so they were put to the side for me... store assistant gave me a mock sympathetic look that very much said "dear, I think you are outright lying or you are a silly billy"

2. I was buying maps in Blacks for TB (obv not for me, outdoors consists of shopping on the High Street) and left my phone on the cash desk. Panic ensued as I realised I didn't have it....

3. The land line phone started flashing at me 'Base 1, Base 1, Base 1' it was either trying to get home or broken, think the latter it would not reset or do anything I wanted it to. I of course after throwing the contents of my bag about like a chimp with a new toy and realising I left my phone in Blacks, couldn't ring them because the landline wasn't working

4. After retrieving my phone, buying my shoes and settling down for a sandwich decided I couldn't live another day without seeing new Mad Men Season 4 and decided to find a link online. After a few unsuccesful attempts I thought I had found one when alas, instead of bringing me Mad Men it delivered a virus... right on the kisser, that took pure delight on putting porn links on my desktop and not allowing me to download antivirus software and generally wreaking havoc... the bastard.

Today so far, has been ok... Thank God.

I am mulling over the job offer, preparing for another interview tomorrow and so far not forgotten anything or caused any damage. I think the phone (if it had a mental capacity) has gone home, but physically remains and flashes and my laptop is still poorly but might be on the mend after TB intervened.

Tomorrow, as they say, is another day. Good luck to you.

Love, SGS xoxo.

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