Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Emails that make me smile...

....anything Twilight Saga related

I get tons of crap emails everyday, I'm doing my best to remove the crap ones I don't want (anyone else the unsubscribe system is getting more complicated?) For example I got an email advertising the fact that Justin Bieber was going on tour......I almost threw my laptop across the room. Anyone who knows me or follows me on Twitter knows that I despise him, his hair, his voice and think he looks like a lesbian - what a turd.

Luckily I got a gem of an email yesterday from HMV, bringing me great tidings of joy. My Eclipse 2 disc DVD is on it's way, Hurrah!! I will revel in watching the extras, how I love the extras.

I am also getting a tad excited for Breaking Dawn, filming has already begun and these images made me want to do cartwheels around the flat!

Edward and Bella in Brazil en route to Isle Esme - Bella in a vintage dress and heels, Edward in blue shirt and shorter hair having a passionate kiss? PERFECT!

Not to mention an OFFICIAL photgraph from the Breaking Dawn production as tweeted by Bill Condon:

I literally almost puked when I saw this!!!!! The morning after THE night before..... Edward and Bella consumate their love... finally.... Dear God, I could pass out with excitement. Headboards ripped, pillows shredded, feathers EVERYWHERE! Vampire Sex!! Yesssssss!! (I'm not a perv, honest)

So amidst the crap in my inbox, I sometimes get a few gems... thank you HMV.

Love, SGS xoxo.

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